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Digital Cameras to Keep Memories Alive

A photographer always seems to have a camera close by to capture shots on the fly. Olympus digital cameras are about half the size of other DSLR cameras making them easily portable. That means the lenses are also smaller, thereby freeing up space in your camera bag to keep everything on hand to switch between portrait and landscape shots.

What Types of Technology Does Olympus Build Into Its Cameras?

  • Live MOS Sensor: The 4/3 image sensor is able to gather more light equating to crisper images. Its telecentric design ensures that light travels in the straightest path possible to reach the sensor.
  • DSA Lenses: The company constructs large diameter dual super-aspherical lenses made by high-precision machines and skilled craftsmen. The gradually-curving shape of the lens compensates for irregularities in its surface so image quality is not adversely affected.
  • Image Stabilization: When moving quickly between shots, the stabilization system compensates for shaking. The in-lens features and voice coil motor also reduce "roll and shift" so images are not blurry.

How Important Are Megapixels When Taking Pictures?

The number of megapixels a camera has is only one factor that determines whether you take high-quality images. Light rays travel through the lens to its light sensor where light is converted into signals. Once colors are assigned to pixels, the image is saved to the camera's internal memory or a memory card. Cameras with 3 to 6 megapixels and high-precision sensors and lenses can produce better images. In fact, cameras with 10 or more megapixels and lower-quality sensors and lenses are known to produce images of poorer quality. In addition to the number of megapixels, the quality of the camera sensors and lenses, the amount of available light, and settings also affect image quality.

What Other Features Help You Create Spectacular Shots?

  • All-Weather Design: These cameras made from hard-wearing metal are sealed to keep out dust and moisture. You can snap pictures non-stop when encountering wind or rain. Cameras are also freezeproof. Likewise, cameras with built-in Super Sonic Wave Filters move dust and small debris away from the camera's sensor.
  • Electronic Viewfinder: As you view images, you can use the level gauge and check the focal length to improve image quality. The viewfinder uses Adaptive Brightness Technology that automatically adjusts for changes in ambient light. With the manual focus feature, you can magnify a specific portion of the image to fine tune focusing. Moreover, with Creative Control, you'll able to make adjustments to colors, tones, and aspect ratios.
  • 4K Video: With newer models, you can capture high-quality 4K videos and observe the video while filming.