Family Fun: Nintendo NES Board Games Video Games

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video game console was released in the United States in 1985 and sold until 1993. During this period, nearly 700 games were released for this Nintendo system, some of which were inspired by well-known board and card games. This provided families and other game lovers with a digital way to enjoy a time-honored pastime together.

What Nintendo games were inspired by board or card games?

The NES games that were developed based on board games and card games include:

  • Othello: a 1989 game based on the two-player board game of the same name
  • Chessmaster: a 1990 video version of chess produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Casino Kid: a 1989 role-playing game that includes the chance to play blackjack
  • Monopoly: a 1991 NES game based on the class board game of the same name
  • Battleship: a 1993 game developed from the classic two-player Milton Bradley game
What is Othello for Nintendo?

This game uses a set of chips that have one black side and one white side and a board that is similar to a checkerboard. Players must change the color of their opponent's chips by surrounding them on either side. The NES version supports playing against another person or against a computer and offers four skill levels.

How is Casino Kid played?

This game is a bit different from the others on this list because you roleplay as a character who is traveling to different casinos to increase his winnings. However, you do get to play blackjack within the game, as well as other casino games such as slots. Casino Kid 2, which was released in 1993, contains poker games as well as blackjack.

How is Nintendo's Battleship different than the board game version?

The board game involves guessing the coordinates of the other player's battleships, which are hidden from your view. If your opponent guesses correctly, you must place a peg into that coordinate. When the ship has been completely destroyed, you must remove it from gameplay. While the NES version is similar, it ups the ante with additional weapons that give you increased firepower, including cannons, torpedoes, missiles, and depth charges. The video game also includes preloaded scenarios that require you to overcome existing damage to your ships and has eight playable levels.

What is the Chessmaster game for NES?

This chess emulator is based on software created by Ubisoft and has been released for several different game systems. The chess engine used in this game was the first home system of its kind to win the United States Open Computer Chess Championship, which it did in the Personal Computer category in 1986.

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