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New Balance Shoes for Men

Everyone wants a shoe that can go the distance with them and a quality shoe can carry you through various activities. There are a variety of shoes in the New Balance for men collection that offer different features. Here is some information about the different styles and available options for you from the New Balance line of shoes for men.

What are New Balance shoes for men made of?

New Balance shoes for men are made from a variety of materials. Some styles for men include suede, leather, patent leather, nylon, and canvas in their construction while other men's styles are completely made of canvas. The basic construction includes materials such as the following:

  • Rubber and EVA for midsoles and outsoles.
  • Mesh in the tongue and upper lining.
  • Padded foam in the footbed and foam collar.
Does New Balance make shoes other than running shoes?

New Balance shoes for men cover several varieties of shoes beyond running shoes and cross training shoes. New Balance also makes footwear for men that includes outdoor chukka boots and slip on sport adjustable sandals. New Balance for men also makes cold weather insulated boots with a taller, foam ankle.

How much support do New Balance shoes give during exercise?

New Balance footwear for men have many features that provide support during running or other exercise. The EVA midsole on some men's styles offers lightweight cushioning while others have rubber midsoles. All men's footwear feature padded foam footbeds. The padded tongue and collar is designed to offer comfort and support. The rubber outsole is meant to provide solid support while its multi-directional tread is designed to allow for ease in changing directions.

What sizes and colours of New Balance shoes are available?

New Balance shoes for men come in all sizes beginning with 5 and going up to 20. They also come in widths from narrow to medium and wide to extra wide. They also come in many colours, including light and dark grey, brown, navy blue, and black, and many have contrast or accent colours for you to choose from.

There are several different styles available from this Men’s shoe line. New Balance products are crafted with a combination of leather, EVA, and rubber and are meant to offer some protection in the rain. There are all-terrain shoes as well with multi-direction and deep treads to provide traction in different types of terrains and weather.

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