What to Know When Buying a 512MB NVIDIA Computer Graphics Video Card

When you buy a computer for gaming or other media, the internal graphics video card is important. Some computers come with graphics cards that are integrated into the motherboards and can't be replaced. Most gaming laptops and PCs, however, come with NVIDIA products that plug into the motherboard so that you can upgrade them.

Are there multiple NVIDIA cards with 512 MB of memory?

Yes, the company offers multiple display cards with at least 512 MB of memory. Examples include:

  • GeForce 9600 GT.
  • GeForce 8800 GT.
  • Quadro NVS 450.
  • GeForce 9800 GT.
  • Quadro FX 580.
Do all graphics cards feature dedicated memory?

No, not all video cards feature dedicated memory. Some of them share memory from the overall computer RAM, putting a strain on internal resources and hindering both the computer and the graphics card. Having graphics cards that offer MB or GB of dedicated memory can really improve your gaming experience. The GeForce 9800 GT, which has 512 MB of memory, uses it to store textures and other general graphical information for quick access.

What does PCI-E mean in reference to graphics cards?

PCI-E stands for peripheral component interconnect express. This type of connection makes it possible to connect internal devices to a computer. The PCI-E type replaced the PCI and AGP connection types. It allows you to physically connect devices to the motherboard of a computer. Most video units connect to computer motherboards using this type of connection. Products under 512 MB might require previous connection types.

Do graphics cards come with a GPU?

Yes, many graphics cards come with their own GPU or graphics processing unit. This includes products from the NVIDIA GT series. However, many computers come with GPUs that are integrated into the motherboard. These are generally less powerful than those that are found on video cards such as the GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB. In short, the GPU helps render 3D graphics and takes pressure off of the CPU.

What video output options does 512 MB offer?

Graphics cards such as the ones in the 512 MB GT series offer several video output options. These typically range from VGA to HDMI. In fact, many 512 MB GT cards offer multiple types of output on the same unit. This means that the GT cards are a good choice regardless of whether the computer has a monitor with VGA, DVI, or HDMI input. Some graphics cards also come with multiple outputs for monitors with the same types of connections and sometimes different ones to provide even more options.