Mundorf Contributes Excellence in Sound Electronic Parts

The German electronic parts manufacturer, Mundorf, has produced high-quality and durable sound electronic parts for over 25 years. eBay offers an array of new and pre-owned products from the Mundorf product line for customers seeking the premium listening experience. Multiple products are offered in a range of sound functionality and capabilities.

How do you pair Mundorf products with personal sound devices?

All Mundorf products are selected to easily pair within the sound tube electronic and speaker crossover environment. There are many choices available. You can get products like silver oil and other cap-capacitors, speakers, or capacitors (supreme or electrolytic) for superior playback functionality and exceptional sound quality. A few options include:

  • 0.1 0.22 0.33 0.47 1.0 4.7 uF MCap Supreme Silver Gold Oil Caps 1000V
  • Silver-Gold Supreme Solder 50g 8.5M
  • MCap 1000 VDC SUPREME Silver Oil Cap-Capacitor 0.68uf 0.68 mfd uf
  • iwsg105 Silver/Gold wire 0.5mm bare 10M
  • 0.15 uf 450VDC M-CAP┬« EVO Capacitors 0.15 uf
  • M-Connect Terminal, TPCU870GC Large Classic Gold-plated Copper post
What are some Mundorf manufacturing specifications?

The discerning sound customer looks for quality construction. Three product families are utilized for MCap, EVO, and MCap Supreme components, and they are used in general audio circuits and crossovers. MCaps are constructed from high-quality polypropylene foil with very tight tolerances. A true price-to-performance ratio is realized. EVOs add low inductance and internal resistance optimized by winding functionality. Self-resonance is minimized. The coil is manufactured from metal material with the least loss and distortion, wound with very thick wire, and hand-set for induction value gap. The offered coil product is especially developed for bass filters and offers first-rate impulse response with lowest possible resistance.

Note that pure copper terminals should be cleaned periodically with copper polish or a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent oxidation. eBay offers Mundorf products for specific TV, video, and home audio use, vintage electronic use, radio communication, and portable audio/headphone usage. Quality construction drives quality sound performance.

Is there product quality assurance?

The sound enthusiast is assured of quality music playback with complete livelihood, enhanced transparency, authenticity, and stereophonic built-in product capabilities. German manufacturing excellence transforms the listening experience. Components are durable, recyclable, and low-cost. The company offers products at inexpensive prices on eBay. In-house experts negate outsourced machination/fabrication to keep costs low for the sound enthusiast. Select the needed component from the wide choice array, and enjoy the transformative sound features.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Mundorf.