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Muck Boots Shoes for Men

Muck Boots shoes for men are designed to be warm, and functional. With waterproof technology, flannel lining, and comprehensive foot support, this line of footwear is responsive and practical. Available in high, short, or ankle heights with options for lacing or slip-on, Muck Boots come in an array of styles and are intended for everyday use.

What colors are available in this line of men's footwear?

Muck Boots shoes are mostly available in black and brown, with some models in camouflage options. Generally these colors are the easiest to match with traditional work attire. A couple styles come in bright red or orange to stand out from natural brush and landscapes.

What styles are available in Muck Boots shoes for men?

The Original Muck Boot Company responded to a need for a completely waterproof, lightweight alternative for messy jobs and terrain. Men's Muck Boots come in styles like high-height, low-height, ankle-height, lace-up closure, and pull-on.

  • The Pursuit Shadow Ankle comes in black, brown, and camouflage. It features a lace-up closure, fleece lining, and full waterproofing. The insole, midsole, and outer sole are all made of different materials to optimally support and protect the foot. Functional for use in the city, on a farm, or in the woods, Muck Boots can double from outdoor to indoor when necessary.
  • The Arctic Excursion Mid comes in buffalo plaid, grey, black and grey, and chocolate brown. An all-purpose winter boot, the Arctic Excursion Mid shoe works for everyday tasks or taking a stroll in the snow. With rubber and flannel included, the elements will stay away from feet and toes.
  • The MuckMaster Hi is available in classic black. A stretchy top conforms to the calf so that no moisture gets into the boot. Waterproof and lightweight, the shoe comes with extra foam added into the sole for greater durability.
What materials are used to manufacture Muck Boots for men?

Rubber, foam, flannel, and synthetic blends are utilized in different parts to ensure waterproof performance, comfort, and warmth. Different materials are utilized in different parts of boots. Rubber is typically part of an upper and outer sole, which is stamped with indents for traction. Foam lines the insole for cushion while flannel serves as lining to keep feet warm.

What sizes are available in Muck Boots for men?

Most boots are typically available in U.S. men's sizes 5 through 15 although some may be available in larger or smaller sizes. Some women’s styles mimic men’s styles and may provide a wide range of fits for men with smaller feet.

How do you clean Muck Boots shoes for men?

Using a dry brush to remove extra dirt from rubber before washing will simplify the process. Soap and water will remove most dirt and grime from Muck Boots as they are completely waterproof. In a pinch, you can use a hose to rinse boots off. Dry your boots with a soft cloth after washing them. Crumple newspaper inside to dry out the lining if necessary.

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