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Motor Mounts for Chrysler Pacifica

Motor mounts protect the engine of your Chrysler Pacifica model and keep it in place. Engine mounts may need to be replaced over time due to wear-and-tear just like any other part of a vehicle. If the motor mount on your minivan stops working, it is important to replace it in order to preserve the engine and transmission.

How do engine mounts work?

Engine mounts typically have two parts. One part is bolted to the engine and the other part is bolted to the steel frame of the vehicle. In between these two parts is a rubber insulator that acts as a shock absorber. Some mounts use a fluid system instead of a rubber insulator. Whenever the Chrysler Pacifica accelerates, the internal combustion system generates power that causes the engine to twist and shake. Engine mounts keep the Chrysler from being damaged by holding the engine in place as it rattles around during acceleration and transfers the energy away from the vehicle to the ground. Engine mounts also reduce the amount of noise that is caused by the vibrations during acceleration.

When do Pacificas motor mounts need to be replaced?

All motor mounts have a similar structure regardless of whether they are used in a small compact car model or a large pickup truck. They generally last the for the life of the vehicle, but after thousands of stops and starts over many years, mounts can stop working. This drop in performance happens when the rubber insulation wears down or when there is no more liquid in the hydraulic system of fluid mounts. Some of the signs that the Chrysler Pacificas motor mounts need to be replaced include

  • Impact noises such as clunking and banging coming from the bay
  • Excessive vibrations throughout the Pacifica
  • Forward, backward, or side-to-side movement of the engine in the bay
How do you check Pacificas motor mounts for damage?

A driver can check their Chryslers motor mounts for damage at home. The Pacifica minivan has several motor mounts. You will need to lift the hood of the Chrysler Pacifica and have someone else turn the vehicle on and rev it up. While this is happening, you should notice certain things taking place. When the engine is revving up, it tends to twist. The driver’s side of the motor will rise, and the passenger side of the engine will go down. You should check to see if there is any excessive movement when it is revving up as well as if it is hitting any other components in the bay. If any of these things are occurring, then the motor mounts should be replaced.