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Mopar Performance & Racing Parts

Mopar Performance & Racing Parts

Mopars name was first introduced in the 1920s, and by 1937, the original equipment manufactured (OEM) components were an official brand offering supplies, service, auto equipment, and accessories. Performance parts are available for Chrysler, Jeep, Fiat, and related vehicles. Performance equipment and racing equipment are offered by Mopar for off-road racing, drag racing motors, brakes, exhaust systems, hoods, filters, air systems, suspensions, valves and valve trains, and interior and external components.

What are Mopar Magnum engines for drags and other racing? 

Mopar Magnum crate engines based on the Magnum power plant for production trucks are available for hot rods and muscle cars. The model for older and classic cars uses older water pumps and a carburetor fuel intake manifold. The 360 motor can produce 380 horsepower and an added fuel injection kit can produce 425 horsepower.

Which Mopar performance parts for drag racing are available?

From steering to suspension, equipment for drag racing of all types are available. 426 Hemi, 5.7 liter motors, and 331-354-392 Hemis are available for older or newer street racing and drag cars, from Arrows to Omnis as well as Neon-based racers. Small block motors, intake manifolds, connectors, exhaust systems, pushrods, and pistons are also available.

  • Pistons, racing plugs, and superchargers enhance 440 and other power plants.
  • High-flow intake systems feed drag motors.
  • Crate engines can be a one-box rebuild solution.
  • Suspension systems can increase speed and stability.
  • An aftermarket exhaust assembly can improve output and efficiency.

Which makes and models use Mopar parts?

Starting in 2011, Fiat and Alfa Romeo Mopar performance parts were available for Fiat 500 and similar models as well as Alfa Romeo 4C, Giulia, and Stelvio. Additional truck and car racing parts include Viper and Challenger kits and products, from crankshafts to machined big block power plants. Ignition systems and exhaust kits are just two of a number of racing parts that can enhance racing and off-road cars. Jeep add-on or replacement parts like tires, suspension systems, and additional off-road racing equipment for Wranglers, Wrangler Rubicons, and more are for sale. Alternators, exhaust systems, lifters, and high compression ratio blocks improve vintage, classic, and modern racers.

Which accessories, decals, fasteners, and gaskets are available?

Complete engine gasket kits and cylinder head gaskets are available for Chrysler, muscle cars, drags, and off-road racers. Engine paint can protect and dress up the look of a racing truck or car. Six Pack and other classic drag restoration emblems improve the look of Dodge, Plymouth, and other classic racers. From valve covers to intake manifolds and spoilers, accessories and aftermarket equipment are available for a wide range of cars.