Use a Triple Monitor Stand to Maximize Your Productivity

Work and games both benefit from the use of a triple monitor set-up, and arranging a display situation with a triple monitor desk stand takes away the tangle of cords and all headaches that come with the mess of cords and wires. Check eBay's selection of triple display monitor stands for great prices and the size you need. Multi monitor stands suit several purposes and have an array of user-friendly features.

What are the benefits of a triple monitor stand?
  • Customization: A three monitor stand allows you to customize your work space while minimizing the desk surface space used. You can choose to have your displays in portrait mode, landscape mode, or a combination as suits your needs. Many users prefer a cockpit style or a trio of displays in landscape mode positioned in a curving surround situation.
  • View more at a time: Whether you are using a three monitor stand to work with documents, spreadsheets, coding programs, or graphic displays a triple monitor stand lets you see more at once. This allows you to easily compare and contrast information and images or simply display the maximum amount of information possible. You can work seamlessly from one application to another as you don't have to search for lost pages or information. For gamers, three screens makes the action more alive.
  • Avoid neck strain: Adjustable monitor stands allow you to position each screen in the perfect place so your neck and eyes don't have to strain.
  • More focused work: Having a triple monitor stand allows you to create a more immersive and focused work space.
For what sized monitors are triple monitor stands available?
  • 24 inches: This small size is useful in limited spaces.
  • 27 inches: This is an average size.
  • 28 inches: This size, too, is fairly average.
  • 32 inches: Larger sizes are for gamers who want cockpit setups and graphic designers or coders who need plenty of screen space for their projects.
  • 34 inches: Among the larger sizes available, this is very rarely needed.
What features should you seek in triple monitor mounts?
  • Sturdy arms: You want to find a 3 monitor stand with arms that are not going to sag under monitors' weight. You especially have to watch for this in 27-inch triple monitor stands and larger sizes. Most stands on eBay feature sturdy arms with a reliable selection.
  • Fingertip positioning: Balance and security create the ability to reposition one monitor at a time with a fingertip's pressure.
  • Ergonomics: Independent adjustments for each monitor in a three monitor stand mean the screens can be positioned ergonomically.