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Mongoose Bikes

Tackle Tough Terrain With a Mongoose Bike

When youre ready to hit the road, Mongoose offers a wide selection of bicycles in styles to suit men, women, boys, and girls and made to accommodate different skill levels and various riding experiences. Some Mongoose bicycles are designed for flat terrain while others are produced for rough trails. When choosing a used Mongoose bike on eBay, determine when and where youll be riding for your lifestyle fit.

What types of bikes does Mongoose make?

Mongoose manufactures models of bicycles for kids and adults of all ages that are built for activities such as cruising, going off trail, or riding on the beach as well as trick bikes. Some models are:

  • Kids bikes: These bikes can range in size from 12-inch bikes that include training wheels to bikes for older kids in 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch sizes. These are multipurpose bicycles that boys and girls can ride to and from school, on trails, or around the neighborhood.
  • Cruiser bikes: These bicycles feature all-terrain knobby tires that add stability and traction. They are designed for riding on the beach, on trails, or on the road.
  • BMX bikes: BMX bikes are lightweight and built to perform stunts. BMX bikes often have a standing ramp on the rear so that another passenger can ride along while holding onto the back of the steering rider. The tires are smaller than average and have deep treads.
  • Mountain bikes: Mountain bikes have light frames, multiple gears, hand brakes, and fluid suspensions. The larger-than-average tires are designed for riding over rocks, sticks, grass, and, in some cases, snow.
Does Mongoose manufacture any mountain bikes?

Mongoose manufactures several subcategories of mountain bikes for adults and children of both genders. Some mountain bike categories include:

  • Fat-tire bikes: These bikes have wide, big tires that are designed for rough terrain. Some models of fat-tire bikes made by Mongoose are the Mongoose Mens Dolomite R4144 and the Mongoose Mens Brutus 26-inch wheel fat-tire bicycle.
  • Dirt-jump bikes: Dirt-jump bikes are specifically designed for riding through dirt obstacle courses that feature small hills. Some Mongoose dirt-jump mountain bikes are the Mongoose Fireball single-speed dirt-jump bicycle and the Mongoose Impasse.
What features does the Mongoose Deception have?

The Mongoose Deception is a mountain bike that comes with an assortment of features, such as a frame composed of aluminum and front SRAM grip shifters. The front fork of this bike has a shock absorber that creates stability by reducing some of the quakes when you encounter an uneven trail. If you want to change speeds during your ride, you have 21 different gears to choose from. The Mongoose Deception also has an adjustable handlebar that adds comfort to your ride.

What is a single-speed bike?

A single-speed bike does not come with shifting gears and can be used for both children and adults. Instead of having the option of switching gears to change speeds as you would on a hybrid or mountain bike, you can change your speed in other ways, such as adjusting the position of your body or changing the rate at which you are pedaling. Most Mongoose single-speed bikes, such as the Mongoose 700C or the 20-inch Mongoose Brawler Freestyle, are urban/road bikes.

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