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Maytag Dryer

Maytag Dryers offer commercial grade technology in many of their models and are designed to be user-friendly for most family use.

Can Maytag dryers clean and sanitize clothing and other items?

The Maytag Performance Series model features an NSF certified sanitary cycle. This setting allows items such as pillows, stuffed animals, and other items to be sanitized.

How many drying settings do Maytag dryers offer?

The Maytag Dryer Performance line models offer timed dry, bulky items, heavy-duty, normal, sanitize, delicates, quick refresh, and custom refresh. It offers temperature selections of high, regular, medium, low, and air only. The dryers also have capacity level selections for smaller or larger loads. This allows you many options to customize your dryer settings to your needs for each load. Many Maytag dryers come with a large window on the door, so you can check your clothes and laundry while the cycle is running. The steam setting on many models can help remove wrinkles.

How sturdy is a Maytag electric dryer or gas dryer?

Maytag electric dryers uses a commercial grade motor and a powder-coated drum. The dryer drum, for both electric and gas dryer models, is designed to be scratch-resistant and provide less friction to the laundry. It is designed to make your clothing last longer as the laundry will slide along the dryer drum surface without causing snags and pulling on fleece.

What special features does Maytag Professional Series Electric Dryer have?

The Maytag Professional Series dryer offers a wrinkle prevent option, which will tumble the clothing every five minutes without heat for up to 120 minutes after the drying cycle has completed. This is meant to prevent clothes from sitting and wrinkling once the drying process is complete. The Maytag electric dryer has sensors that are designed to determine the best settings to use while drying your clothes. The dryer has an easy start button and controls that are designed to be simple to use and understand. Maytag dryers are front loading and have a wide variety of load capacities. The dryer's timer or sensors will tell you when your clothes are dry, depending on the settings and options chosen, and will make an audible signal when the cycles are complete.

How easy is it to clean the lint trap?

The lint trap on a front-loading Maytag dryer drum is located at the bottom of the door opening. You simply remove it, clean, and then replace. Remember to clean the lint trap after every load.

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