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Magnavox CRT TVs

How You Can Use a CRT Television

With flat screen LCD TVs taking over the world of entertainment, most CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions have now been discontinued since their bulk and basic capabilities do not match our technologically advanced lifestyles. While you may not be able to obtain a brand new one with much ease, you can find second-hand models that still have good screens.

What Can I Use a Second-Hand Magnavox TV for?

A used TV can still come in handy in many homes these days. Just some of the reasons you may like to own one include:

  • For the kids room: Since it is probably not a great idea to install a brand new TV in your childs bedroom due to their active play, a CRT TV is the perfect solution. You can connect the TV up to a DVD or video player so they can watch their favorite childrens movies from the comfort of their room. 
  • Retro gaming: Newer games are for playing on LCD or smart TVs, but the game systems from the 80s and 90s dont need a fancy TV to work properly. You can plug in your old Atari, Sony, or Nintendo console and view the picture and display just how you did in the past. 
  • Use as a monitor: It is possible to use a CRT TV as a computer monitor since they are capable of outputting the same signal as a computer. 
  • Crafts: You can refashion an old CRT TV into a decoration piece for a retro garden, cafe, or store. Look for a TV that states there is something wrong with the machine such as lack of power or sound, so it wont feel like a waste when you re-purpose it. 

What Features Do Magnavox TVs Have?

This brand has standard CRT TVs and you can look for the following features:

  • Size: You can find different sizes of old TVs, including 9, 13, 14, or 20 inches. This size refers to the screen size and not the overall box size. There will always be a border around the screen which will make the TV bigger, plus you need to remember that there is the box part that sticks out the back.
  • Remote: Knowing how easy it is to break or lose a remote control, it will be a great score to find a TV that still has its original remote.
  • Video or DVD: Some models come with a built-in video player or DVD player. This certainly can come in handy when you find old video tapes of memories that you would like to play, and you can still enjoy favorite DVD movies. 

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