Lowrider Bikes Bring Your own Personalized Flamboyance to the Street

Early in the 1960s, California was swept by a fad that led bike riders to fashion their bicycles after the growing phase surrounding lowrider cars. Lowrider bikes are a way to personalize your biking experience by adding flamboyant designs and they are available in new and pre-owned condition on eBay.

Features of lowrider bikes

The idea for lowrider bikes came from the concept of lowrider cars. There are many features that are similar that you might find appealing. Look for some of these features when browsing eBay for lowrider bikes:

  • Seat – Lowriders have a longer seat than conventional bicycles, but some come with over-sized banana seats. Many of these banana seats have a deep curve, so they’re very comfortable.
  • Handlebars – Customized handlebars are another prevalent feature of lowriders. There are a number of shapes and configurations you can pick from.
  • Rims and tires – This may be the most widely personalized feature on lowrider bikes. You can browse on eBay for the different spoke and tire patterns.
Modifications you can add to your lowrider bike

Just like a lowrider car, there are a few modifications that you can make to your lowrider. Many of these modifications can be added after you pick your bike with many of the parts or accessories available with an eBay search for lowrider bike accessories.

  • Rims – You have a lot of flexibility in the modifications you can make to your lowrider rims, such as the Baby Daytons. These are elaborate spoke designs that are matched with impressive whitewall tires.
  • Sissy bars – You can add a variety of handlebar shapes and bends to your lowrider. There are the well-known ape hangers noteworthy on classic motorcycles.
  • Forks – One alluring feature that you can add to your lowrider are springer forks. This is a lowrider bike with hydraulics that can jump up and down as you peddle down the street.
Who makes lowrider bikes?

There are a number of manufacturers who produce lowriders, including custom designs. Schwinn’s Sting Ray was the first model released in the early 1960s. You can browse eBay to find a model of lowrider that appeals to you, made by these manufacturers:

  • Schwinn – Since their first model was released in the early 1960s, Schwinn has produced lowrider bicycles.
  • Micargi – Micargi has a line of lowriders from a 14-inch compact bike to their full-length 20-inch chopper bike.
  • Nirve – This manufacturer produces their Bohemian series of quality lowrider models, the Butterfly, Lahaina, and Minx.
  • Malvern Star – This maker specializes in lowriders used for bicycle drag racing. They offer both short and long frame designs, with ultra-lightweight bikes for optimal speed.
  • Bratz – Bratz is known for the artistic designs they use on their bikes. This brand is widely seen across Australia and the United States.