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Logitech Wireless Computer Mice, Trackballs & Touchpads

Make Computing Easier With a Logitech Wireless Mouse

When youre trying to browse the web from your computer, using a wireless mouse can make quick work of all that you have to do. Without moving your hand to the keyboard, you can navigate, scroll up and down, and click on links. Logitech is a brand that makes a variety of wireless mice.

How does a wireless mouse make a connection?

Wireless mice communicate with the computer either by using radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth technologies. In both types of situations, there must be a transmitter and a unifying receiver. Wireless mice house transmitters, which send out radio signals that relay information about movements and clicks. Those wireless signals are accepted by receivers, which are connected to computers without using a USB connection. Receivers are sometimes built-in; if not, they can either be plugged into a USB port micro-USB port. Both RF and Bluetooth mice:

  • Do not require a line of sight to work
  • Use a relatively low amount of power and have fairly long battery life
  • Are lightweight and portable
Are there any mice designed specifically for gaming?

There are several to choose from, and their features include:

  • High DPI: DPI stands for dots per inch, and it describes how sensitive your mouse is to movements like a double-click. When youre gaming, you will likely want a wireless device that is hand-friendly and can react to small movements very quickly.
  • Programmable buttons: You can find devices that have programmable buttons, generally on the side of the mouse. You can set things up to your liking so that you can hit only one button to do either a specific action or a range of actions.
  • Ergonomics: If you are playing a computer game, you may sit down at your desk for a long period of time. In this case, its important to have a mouse thats comfortable to use, with rounded edges and a design that promotes a neutral hand position.
What are some features that wireless mice come with?

Here are a few features that a mouse might include:

  • On/Off switch: Using this can help you conserve batteries if you only use your mouse occasionally.
  • Scroll wheel: Being able to scroll up and down with the flick of a finger can save you time.
  • Wireless trackball touchpad: With a wireless trackball touchpad, you can move your cursor around without having to move your whole hand. You can just use your thumb or fingers.
  • Symmetrical design: A mouse could be set up in a symmetrical fashion so that you can choose whether to use it with your right hand or left hand. This can affect the way you click, and the mouse can be programmed to know which way youll be using it.
  • Touchpad: Some devices come with touchpads that are sensitive to the movement of your fingers.
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