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Logitech Wired Computer Trackballs

Choosing a Trackball Mouse

Along with a keyboard, having a mouse that is easy and comfortable to use is one of the essential peripherals necessary for any computer user. If you spend long periods working electronically or browsing online, it is important to use equipment that reduces your risk of any hand or muscular injuries. Similarly, if you have any physical limitations with your hands and fingers using some styles of equipment can be easier than others.

What Are the Benefits of a Wired Trackball Mouse?

Trackball mice are a great ergonomic option, and not a new one. They are one of the earliest designs of pointing devices for operating electronic equipment. Professions such as CAD designers, aircraft controllers, and sonar operators often use trackballs because of the precision of the optical tracking technology they use. Trackballs are also popular in gaming devices. In computer mice, some advantages of using a trackball design are:

  • Ergonomics: For any type of computer equipment, an ergonomic design is a plus. Trackball mice aim for comfortable use. People with larger hands or mobility limitations may also find them easier to use. 
  • Placement: Unlike a standard mouse, a trackball doesnt need a flat surface to operate on. If youre a fan of multi-tasking and browsing while youre watching TV, you can use them beside you on your couch. You also dont need to lift them up to reposition your cursor when you reach the edge of your screen, simply roll the wheel and youre back on track.
  • Wired: Wired models are corded with a USB cable to connect to a port on your desktop or laptop. Theres no need to recharge batteries, your mouse will be ready to go whenever you are.

What Are the Main Features on a Trackball Mouse?

There are two main designs of this mouse style. Those with a center ball operate by using your fingertips. Those with a ball to the side respond to your thumb.

  • Fingertip Operation: Mice with a center ball can work for both right-handed and left-handed people. You use your fingertips to move and scroll around your screen. If you have a tendency to be ambidextrous, you can alternate use between both of your hands. 
  • Thumb Operation: Thumb operated models are mostly for right-handers. The ball sits at the natural position of your thumb, to the left-hand side of the mouse.
  • Buttons: The other buttons on many models of this type of mouse are often programmable so you can customize your clicking to your preferences. 
  • Additional Scrolling: Some designs feature a small scroll wheel similar to a standard mouse or have a scroll ring around the outside of the ball.

What Styles Does This Brand Offer?

Logitech manufactures both wired and wireless trackball models thumb or fingertip-based. Known as the TrackMan, their series use Marble optical technology for precision. For specifications of individual models, please refer to their website.

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