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Logitech TV, Video and Home Audio Remote Controls

Selecting the Ideal Logitech Universal Remote for Your Home Theater

Remotes can do much more than adjust the channel and volume on your television. They can control all of the many devices that make up your home theater. Programmability is often a significant aspect of these remotes, and users will find many different configurations and features from which to choose in a Logitech universal remote.

What’s a Logitech universal remote, and which models are available?

The remote controls made by this brand are universal, which means that they’re designed to be compatible across a broad range of consumer electronics brands and models. This can simplify controlling a home theater setup that comprises different brands and component types and, thus, different control mechanisms. This company offers many different styles and models, including the:

  • Harmony 350: This is the entry-level alternative to the conventional universal remote.
  • Harmony Elite: This type features a color touchscreen and motion-sensing keys.
  • Harmony Companion: It supports up to eight distinct profiles and the voice control.
  • Harmony 950: This one lets you create a broad range of custom activities or macros.
What are the custom activities that these Logitech remotes support?

Custom activities are this brand’s alternative to programmable buttons. Activities can be added dynamically to any of these devices with a screen. This means that you never run out of allocations, and you can have a list of activities, such as "Play Games," "Movie Night," "Mood Music," and so on. Another advantage that custom activities have over conventional programmable buttons is that you can queue multiple commands and activate them all sequentially with a single button press. "Play Games," for instance, could power your video game console, turn on your TV, and switch your TV to the game input.

What’s the Harmony Hub included with these remotes?

The Harmony Hub provides you with remote access to your universal remote control — not just to the device itself but to the system overall. This is generally achieved through a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. It can be accessed not only while sitting on your couch but also at work or while on the road if you have cellular or Wi-Fi internet access to your system. Your device can mirror the activities on your remote control, and this is particularly convenient if you use the system for smart home features, such as:

  • Shades
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Security systems
  • Garage door openers
How are these remote controls powered?

Most of these remote models use two AA batteries. The higher-end models, such as the Elite and the Companion, use two rechargeable batteries instead and require a charging stand so that your universal remote’s power can be topped off whenever it’s not in use. Models that use conventional batteries can use rechargeable batteries instead, but those must be recharged outside the device.

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