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Illuminate Everything With Lighting and Lamps For the Dodge RAM 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck has ample space for fog or LED lights and other attachments that can help you illuminate the road ahead of you. Adding various lights to your vehicle makes things more convenient for you when visibility is low and increases the safety measures in place for you and your passengers. You can find different combinations of lights on eBay.

How are fog lights beneficial?

You can attach fog lights to your Dodge Ram 1500 the same way as the regular headlamps that come with the vehicle. A fog lamp has special properties that help it cut through the moisture droplets that are present within a dense patch of fog. Two primary aspects of these lights make them beneficial to you when you run into fog:

  • Positioning - Fog lamps ride low on your vehicle, usually underneath the standard headlights. This position gives the lights a better chance at illuminating the road in front of you.
  • Angling - Lamps designed for use in foggy situations case a wider than normal beam that can illuminate areas on either side of the road. They are also angled toward the ground rather than straight ahead.
Can you purchase different types of headlights?

While most headlights perform the same basic function for your Dodge Ram, you can find them in different styles that produce illumination in slightly different ways. Some of the most common forms of headlights you can find on eBay include:

  • Halo - These lights cast a beam of light that surrounds the lamp itself and makes it look like an eye in the distance. They are similar to standard lights but have added visual appeal.
  • HID - High-intensity discharge lamps provide some of the furthest illumination available. They usually exhibit a cooler radiance than the standard warm headlights.
  • LED - These lights produce a uniform and concentrated beam of light using energy-efficient bulbs.
Can you purchase individual bulbs for your lights?

If you would like to replace burnt out bulbs in some of your lamps, eBay offers thousands of models that are compatible with a range of truck accessories. You can use the helpful search categories on the site to find bulbs that match the specifications for your lamps. Youll be able to see compatibility information for each bulb, and you can purchase some bulbs as sets for added convenience.

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