Less than 20 Inch CRT TVs

Use a Less Than 20-inch CRT Television in Any Space

Bigger isnt always better. If you are looking for a television with a monitor that measures less than 20 inches in diameter, consider a CRT TV. This gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite shows and movies in the bedroom, the kitchen, the garage, the toy room, or anywhere youd like.

What is a CRT television?

The less than 20-inch CRT televisions are cathode ray tube televisions. CRT is the technology used to display the images on your screen. Unlike a newer LCD or flat screen model, its technology is larger and heavier, creating the large box on the back of your CRT monitor. A CRT monitor cannot use digital signals without a set-top converter.

What additional features can be included with a CRT TV?

CRT TVs can include a variety of additional features, depending on the model you choose. It can come with a built-in VCR or DVD player below the monitor for convenient viewing. It may be HDTV-enabled for a high-definition display. It may also include a two-port USB hub to view media files on your television. Some also include a headphone jack to watch television shows without disrupting others.

Whats a Mickey Mouse television?

Disney produced a childrens CRT television with a 13-inch monitor. The red TV has two speakers on the top shaped just like Mickey Mouses ears. It is equipped with a V-chip for parents to restrict certain shows or channels. Also, it has a bedtime timer that automatically shuts the television off when it gets too late. Disney also made other character television sets including, but not limited to:

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Cars Lightning McQueen
  • Princess Pink or Cinderella Blue
  • Princess Purple with Tiara
What is a portable television?

A portable television is a handheld device. Oftentimes the monitors are five or seven inches. However, they can be as large as 12 inches. Usually, all the images on a portable television are black and white. However, some of the newer LCD LED versions have color displays.

What is a retro gaming monitor?

Retro video gaming systems, typically those 15 years or older, were designed to be played on television models made around the same time. These televisions typically have a 4:3 aspect ratio, comparing their width to height ratio. On wider screens, oftentimes the video game will appear stretched out on the screen. However, most CRT monitors have a 4:3 aspect ratio.