LGA 771 placa madre de computadora para Intel

Frequently Asked Questions About LGA 771 Computer Motherboards

The LGA 771 CPU interface is a motherboard socket type developed by Intel for the Xeon line of microprocessors. The processor interface is the part of the motherboard that makes contact with the CPU, so it must be able to accommodate the size, shape, and structure of the chip. Motherboards with the LGA 771 interface are typically found in servers, workstations, and personal computers.

What is the LGA 771 interface?

LGA stands for "land grid array" and refers to the arrangement of metal contact points on the surface area of the interface. The number 771 denotes the number of contact points in the socket. This interface type is also called "Socket J" in reference to the Intel Xeon Jayhawk processor that was designed to accompany the first line of LGA 771 hardware.

What is the Xeon processor?

The Intel Xeon is a workstation microprocessor designed to perform sustained, continuous processing for extended periods of time. It’s available in a wide range of designs with multiple processing cores and varying clock speeds. Regardless of the number of cores a Xeon chip has, they can all process instructions at the same rate without overheating or experiencing lag. These CPUs are often used in cloud processing farms to perform intensive tasks, such as 3D rendering and currency mining.

What processors are compatible with this motherboard?

Several dual-core and quad-core Xeon chips are compatible with the LGA 771 interface. The Dempsey, Woodcrest, and Wolfdale lines of dual-core CPUs are designed to work with this interface. The Clovertown and Harpertown lines of quad-core processors are also compatible. The LGA 771 interface also works with the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 microprocessors. All these chips support the x86-64 instruction set so that they can run 64-bit operating systems and software.

What software works with this hardware?

Several examples of software applications designed to work with this hardware include:

  • Digital audio workstations
  • Integrated development environments
  • Physics simulators and 3D rendering engines
  • Web browsers and email clients
  • Document editors and spreadsheet applications

What are the performance specifications of this motherboard?

The LGA 771 socket type supports a front-side bus speed of 667 to 1600 Mbps. It’s designed to work with DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory modules. Compatible processors range in clock speed from 1.6 to 3.4GHz per core. They feature L2 caches ranging from 4 to 12MB in size. The amount of RAM compatible with a particular board depends on the model and form factor of the hardware. As Xeon and Core 2 Extreme chips support 64-bit software, they can make use of a virtually unlimited amount of RAM.