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LG Computer Monitors with Built - in Speakers

What to Look for in Computer Monitors with Built In Speakers

Several models of LG computer monitor with built in speakers are available. These are suitable for home media viewing or for gaming.

Whats the Size and Resolution of the Monitors?

Monitor screen size can range from 16 inches to 43 inches. At the low end of the product range are full HD or FHD 1920x1080 resolution monitors, which are usually between 20 and 23 inches diagonally. Mid-range monitors are usually between 25 and 32 inches, and can have a 4K UHD resolution of around 3840x2160. High-end gaming monitors can have 5K Ultra resolution and are usually between 32 and 43 inches.See the manufacturer site for size details.

What Types of Monitors Are There?

There are several different monitor types.

  • Standard screens: Standard monitors have a simple rectangular design and often have an aspect ratio of approximately 16:9.
  • Curved screens: Curved screens are slightly concave. They provide easier peripheral viewing and lower distortion at the edges of vision. They can be any ratio, but are well suited to wider ratios such as the ultra-wide 21:9.
  • Ultra-Wide screens: Ultra-wide monitors have ratios of 21:9 and provide a more cinematic viewing experience and immersive gaming.
  • LCD or LED: Most modern monitors are either LCD or LED. A LCD monitor will have fluorescent back-lights, whereas LEDs provide their own light. There is little difference in picture quality, although LED screens can be slightly thinner and more energy efficient.

What is the Audio Quality for Computer Monitors with Built in Speakers?

The audio quality for monitors with built-in speakers can be less than a full-sized standalone system, but their compact size and space-saving nature makes them popular for some computer setups. The most common design is two small stereo speakers that are hidden within the monitor casing, with little to no visible parts. Some models may include additional components, such as a bass speaker in the monitors base. Speaker strength ranges from 5 to 10 watts and can have a range of up to 85 Hz.

Other Features

  • USB hub: Some monitors have several USB ports to expand your computers number of connected devices.
  • Quick charge: Some monitors have Quick Charge ports, USB-C ports specially configured to rapidly charge connected devices.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth-enabled monitors can allow synced devices such as phones or tablets to play audio directly though the monitor.
  • Multi-port: Most monitors use HDMI connectors, with USB or DVI ports also available.
  • Side-by-side: Monitors with side-by-side can accept several different inputs and can display them with a screen split. The size and orientation are often customizable. Other models can split the screen into separate workspaces that can function as virtual monitors to help with multi-tasking.

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