Koolatron 12-Volt Portable Appliances

Koolatron is a worldwide brand known for their wide range of refrigeration and thermoelectric products. Koolatron produces many portable appliances, including coolers, camping stoves, ice chests, and more. The many options offered ensure that buyers will be able to find the right item to suit their needs.

How do thermoelectric coolers work?

Koolatron thermoelectric products work by transferring heat using an electrical current. In the walls of the product, there are electrodes that transfer heat from the negative to the positive ends of the junction. This thermoelectric process cools one side within the cooler, and the heat is deposited in the other outer chamber, and then it is dispersed. Thermoelectric methods are commonly used for cooling, but these products can also be used to heat and regulate temperature. These coolers are designed to be efficient in their power consumption rates. They are also designed with lightweight materials so as to minimize strain while being transported.

In what environments can 12-volt Koolatron products be utilized?

Koolatron coolers, mugs, and other portable products are designed to be both versatile and portable, making them suitable for a variety of situations. As long as there is an electrical outlet, Koolatron portable items can be used to keep drinks and food cold as well as to cook food and keep it warm. They can be used in mild climates providing a practical way to carry food with you while on the road or while attending an event as they can easily plug into a car with an adaptor cord or into the wall. If you add ice into the coolers, these items can also be used in places where you may not have access to an electrical outlet, such as when camping, spending time at the beach, and more.

What types of Koolatron 12-volt coolers are there?

Koolatron offers a variety of options for their 12-volt coolers, and each features solutions for storage and transportation. Some of the options are described below:

  • Keg: A standard cooler designed to be utilized at parties and social gatherings.
  • Soft bag: Koolatron soft bag coolers have a light, soft shell and a more compact design, allowing for safe handling and transportation.
  • Hard shell: These sturdy Koolatron coolers come in a variety of sizes and often incorporate a strap or handle for easy carriage.
  • Wheeler: Similarly to the hard shell coolers, these coolers also have a solid build, and they are often larger. Because of the larger size, wheels and a handle are incorporated to facilitate with transport.