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Get High Quality and High Volume Printing for Home or Office with Konica Minolta

With roots going back to the rise of photography in Japan, the modern Konica Minolta brand delivers a range of laser printer choices for work environments of every size whether you have a large or a small business. From compact desktop printers to multi-function machines that connect to office networks, these machines offer 1,200 dpi high-resolution black-and-white or color printing, printing from mobile devices, and fast speeds.

What can multiple function models do?

Multiple function machines from Konica Minolta combine printing, scanning, and faxing. The larger models have features like a capacity for 2,000 sheets of paper, the ability to use letter and legal size paper, and a USB port for working with documents stored on portable flash memory devices. Models like the Bizhub 4020 or Bizhub C3110 are meant for workplaces that produce many documents and need fast printing, with outputs starting at 32 pages per minute for black and white or color pages. Smaller models, often used for home office situations, can have outputs of up to 50 pages per minute, useful for printing that large manuscript.

How long do toner cartridges last?

The lifespan of toner cartridge varies with the model and size. A high-capacity black toner for a small model might provide 6,000 pages, whereas a high-capacity toner for a larger model could produce 25,000 pages. The toner for your specific model will provide an output rating on its packaging measured in pages based on toner application of 5% of the page.

How do you change toner cartridges?

You will need new toner when print quality becomes faded or the machine indicates that the toner is low. Although the details will vary a little depending on the model, the general procedure will remain the same.

  • Open the laser printer compartment, and release the spent toner cartridge.
  • Set it aside for proper disposal. Do not throw the empty container in the trash immediately, because it could still be hot and start a fire.
  • Shake your new toner cartridge five to 10 times to distribute toner evenly on the inside, because it might have settled during storage.
  • Slide new toner into the printer until it clicks into place.
What kind of paper can the printers accommodate?

Most units, even a basic single-function laser printer, will work with a range of paper stocks. In addition to basic 20-pound copy paper, you can expect most printers to work with paper stocks that range from 16 to 43 pounds. You will need to adjust paper settings when using nonstandard stocks to ensure proper performance.

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