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Kodak Underwater Digital Cameras Can Go Where Some Others Can't

While many people use their phones as digital cameras, sometimes you need features your phone can't offer, and a Kodak digital underwater camera can take pictures in places phones can't go. Most models also include a zoom function, and though the lens itself will not zoom, the LCD screen will. A USB cord can be used to connect to a computer or other device to upload them, and you can also use the memory card to print out the photos.

How far under can you bring an underwater camera?

Kodak's digital underwater cameras are waterproof between 10 and 16 feet, depending on the model. They are also dustproof, which helps you to achieve clearer shots. The camera will also work out of the water so you won't have to switch cameras if you want to shoot a picture while on a boat and then one below the water while snorkeling.

What is the share button for?

If you want to share your photos, the Kodak share button makes it easy. You can choose to share on Facebook, e-mail, or other social networking sites. When your digital camera is connected to a computer, the pictures will automatically upload to the site or sites that you chose. You can also share the photos by inserting your memory card into the computer.

How many megapixels does the camera have?

Kodak makes several models of waterproof digital cameras. The lowest graphic resolution you can have with these cameras is 12MP and the highest is 16MP.

Is there a video function?

The digital waterproof cameras offer a video option as well, so you don't need to rely solely on pictures to record your vacation. As with the photo-taking option, the video feed will automatically adjust to your light settings to produce a quality video. This is helpful when photographing or videoing in murky waters.

What is the Kodak Smart Capture feature?

Kodak's digital cameras include a feature called Smart Capture. This can identify the scenery and lighting around you and automatically adjust the settings to make your picture or video is clear.

  • Scene detection: This feature analyzes the entire scene in front of you and can identify various lighting conditions to choose the best setting for your specific scenery.
  • Capture control: Automated settings for clear pictures. Adjusts to low-light scenarios.
  • Image processing: Processes behind the scenes to clear up shadows. Allows for the real colors to show up.
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