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Get to Business With a Kodak Thermal Printer

Kodak provides a wide variety of photography products, including thermal printers for your media needs. The technology dates back to the 1970s and still has many applications today. Whether you're printing labels for organizing your files or photos for decorating your walls, these are just a few of the products that Kodak thermal printers can produce.

How does thermal printing work?

Direct thermal printing relies on heat to transfer information onto heat-sensitive paper. Heat-sensitive pigment on the paper is warmed inside the machine and changes colors when hot enough. This allows the chosen data to be effectively burned onto the paper as it passes through the print head, completing the process.

Thermal transfer printing also uses heat and thermal print heads to work, but these units instead apply heat to a special ribbon coated with resin or wax. The material melts into the paper as a result, creating images that can withstand environmental and chemical exposure. Thermal transfer also allows for color printing.

What can you print?

Thermal printing output with a Kodak printer can include the following:

  • Labels
  • Vouchers
  • Receipts
  • Graph results
  • Photos
  • Bar codes
  • Price tags

How do you choose the right type of Kodak printer?

Although thermal printing has a number of applications regardless of the type, which is more useful depends on your needs. Direct thermal printing is well suited to media of which you want large numbers or don't require permanence. Thermal transfer is ideal for products you want to last like personal photos, wearable media, or products that require safety certification.

How do you care for a thermal printer?

Because the paper and ribbons are the only consumable components of thermal printers, it's critical to keep the unit clean. Here are some tips for cleaning maintenance:

  • Clean the entire printer: Removing dust, moisture, and residue from each of the printer's compartments will help prevent wear. Do it regularly - at least once a month - for the best results.
  • Clean the head: The printer head in particular needs to be free of residue in order to work properly as well as to avoid clogging. Gently wipe the head with isopropyl alcohol wipes or swabs, or consider using cleaning pens and cards; ensure the head is dry before operating.
  • Manufacturer's instructions: Refer to the product's Kodak instruction manual for more specific cleaning information.

Proper storage is also necessary for extending your Kodak printer's life. Maintain a low humidity and room temperature, if not lower, for the machine and its parts. This includes any printed products you'd like to preserve. Keeping sharp objects away and letting the printer cool after use are other good safety measures. Even if you use the Kodak printer regularly, run test prints on occasion to check the print quality.

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