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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Kodak DC Digital Camera

Taking pictures can be a fast, simple way to capture moments in time, whether you're taking pictures of your family on vacation, or trying to capture a beautiful landscape. With digital cameras, you can upload photographs to a computer and more.

How does a digital camera work?

These types of devices can record and storage images in digital form. They do so through the use of a photosensor. When you push the button to take a picture, the aperture at the front of the camera opens. Light stream in and hits the photosensor. That sensor then transforms the light information into pixels. Various colors and brightness are changed into strings of numbers. That data can then be sent to computers, where they can be manipulated, stored, printed, or sent on to a different device.

How do some digital cameras differ from others?

There are many types of digital technology available, and the variations are extensive. For DC cameras, which are point-and-click devices, there are a few ways in which you can distinguish them from each other:

  • Screen: A few of the earliest versions of DC cameras do not have LCD display screens. Some have black-and-white screens, and others have color LCD screens. A screen can allow a user to instantly review pictures and scroll through the photographs stored in memory. Without a screen, you would have to upload the information to a computer to view the images. A screen can also be used as an electronic viewfinder. Optical viewfinders are included on cameras as well, however, so a user always has this option.
  • Memory: The memory of a DC camera can affect how many pictures you can take at a time. Many of the models in this collection have an internal storage capacity of one, two, or four megabytes.
  • Zoom: While some have zoom lenses, others do not. This is an important thing to consider if you expect to take long-range shots.
  • Megapixels: This refers to the size of an image. More megapixels in an image can lead to a sharper image because more details can be included. The DC20 and DC25 cameras can take images with 0.2 megapixels. On the other end of things, the DC5000 can take images with 2 MP.
What are some examples of DC cameras:

Some examples to consider in this line of cameras include:

  • DC20: This compact camera measures 31x102x61 mm. It has a fixed focal length f-4 lens.
  • DC50: This piece has a 3:1 zoom lens and built-in photo flash.
  • DC120: Also with a 3:1 zoom and built-in flash, this camera has a color LCD that can be used to review images.
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