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Frequently Asked Questions About Camera Dock Printers

If your digital camera or phone is filled with pictures, a camera dock printer from Kodak can be a great asset. They allow you to print physical copies of those special moments, so you can display or share them. Kodak makes a variety of models to fulfill your printing needs.

What exactly is a dock printer?

Dock printers are devices built by Kodak for printing physical pictures on an LCD or other type of monitor. They can turn your digital images stored on your camera, phone, or PC into a physical image. Having a physical copy allows you to handle or display the photo, fill a picture book, or send copies and share your images. The docks sync up to a device through non-battery wireless means or by a USB or proprietary cord, depending on the model.

Is a PC needed to use one of these printers?

In most cases, you will not need a computer. Many of the models from Kodak include a cartridge of PC software than can be used for a variety of tasks such as image editing. This is usually just an added bonus, and the photo docks are designed more for use directly with your camera or phone. Many of them can print images directly from your PC.

Do these work only with Kodak branded cameras?

Most work with any brand of camera, phone, or even a PC. This depends on the specific model, as they are designed to print images from different devices. Many photo printers work with every device type, while a few are made for specific Kodak cameras that are often included with the printer.

Can you print digital photos from a phone?

Many of Kodak's printer docks can print images from your phone. Most models are designed to print images from a camera or a phone. You will need to check the specific model for all of the compatible items and how they can be connected to the printer dock.

What models are available from Kodak?

Kodak makes a variety of printers for different needs. Some are designed for use with phones, some with digital cameras, and others with both. They make models that connect in a variety of different ways, too, from USB connections to wireless and Bluetooth. There are photo printers meant to be portable, so you can take them anywhere. They also offer models that print photos in different sizes. When selecting the right model for you, it can be a good idea to make note of all the features you want for your specific needs. Here is a short list of some of their available models:

  • Kodak Dock and Wi-Fi 4x6 Photo Printer
  • Kodak EasyShare
  • Kodak Hero 7.1
  • Kodak Digital Photo Thermal Printer
  • Kodak Photo Dock PD-480
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