Knitting Machines

Knitting Machines: What to Know

Machine knitting has long been a common pastime. You can use a knitting machine from eBay to make a variety of projects including scarves, sweaters, and blankets. Accessories for machine knitting include machine needles, yarn, and patterns.

What types of knitting machines are available?

Knitting machines generally fall into two main categories: weft and warp. Weft machines produce fabric that is close to the type of fabric created by hand knitters. Warp machines produce fine gauge fabrics that are frequently used for lingerie or athletic apparel.

  • You can use flatbed machines to knit fabrics in flat rows. They are useful for knitting a broad variety of projects such as scarves, sweaters, and blankets.
  • Punch cards facilitate the design of two-colored fabrics.
  • You can use circular knitting machines to create tubes of fabric that are knitted in the round. You might choose some of the smallest circular knitting machines for when you want to work on projects such as socks and hats.
  • There are extremely large circular knitting machines that are typically used for knitting rolls of fine gauge fabric. This type of fabric is suitable for making T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and similar apparel items. Employees at industrial textile mills are the likeliest users of these. It is rare for individual hobbyist machine knitters to make the investment required to own one of these commercial knitting machines.
What are the performance capabilities of a knitting machine?
  • Knitting machines can successfully mimic many of the processes performed by hand knitting enthusiasts. However, a person knitting with a machine is able to accomplish the same results at a much faster rate than would be possible when knitting by hand. Machine knitting can save significant amounts of time.
  • There can be a great deal of variation in stitch sizes when a knitter is knitting by hand. In contrast, machine-knitted stitches tend to be precise, even and tidy.
  • Machine knitting saves people from experiencing repetitive stress.
  • Machine knits can create multiple identical items.
What types of stitches can be knit by machine?
  • Stockinette, otherwise known as stocking stitch or jersey, is usually the easiest stitch to work on a machine. This is the stitch that would require a hand-knitting enthusiast to knit one row and then purl the next row, alternating back and forth to create a smooth, resilient fabric.
  • Jacquard stitch patterns are fast and easy to accomplish on a knitting machine.
  • Ribbing is also possible. Some machines will require a separate ribber attachment accessory to successfully work that type.