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Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby has engineered their vacuums to save their customers time, space, and energy. The Kirby Company manufactures attachments for all Kirby vacuum models, which give you the tools you need to carry out a number of cleaning techniques. The universal nature of Kirby vacuums gives you the ability to save space by not having to store multiple machines for cleaning.

What is a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

A Kirby is a vacuum cleaner that has the ability to be converted into other useful machines that can be used throughout your home using optional attachments. The services that can be performed with these attachments include carpet and upholstery cleaning, hardwood surface mopping and waxing, sanding, scouring, and even air inflation.

What accessories can work with Kirby vacuums?

Kirby is known for creating vacuum cleaners that can be used as multipurpose tools around your home. With the following optional accessories, you will maximize your capabilities:

  • Carpet shampoo system: Deeply clean carpeted surfaces or upholstered furniture and linens around your home without the need for another machine taking up storage.
  • Rotary mopping system for hardwood surfaces: Turn your Kirby vacuum into a hardwood surface cleaning machine complete with rotating mop heads that eliminate the time and strain needed for cleaning your floors.
  • Miracle shine kit: This kit allows you to wax hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tiled surfaces in your home.
  • Tile and grout kit: Clean the tile and grout in bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms in your home.
  • Hard floor pad: Remove scuff marks, built-up dirt and debris, and spots on your hardwood surfaces without damaging the surface.
  • Turbo accessory for sanding, polishing, and scouring: Use the power of your vacuum to sand, polish, and scour surfaces around your home or workspace without any hassles.
How do you change filter bags on Kirby vacuum cleaners?

When your vacuum begins to lose suction while vacuuming, it may be time to change the disposable filter bag. Once replaced, you will notice that the full function of the machine is returned:

  • Remove the old disposable filter bag from the vacuum: Open the outer permanent bag, and pull out the disposable filter bag using the cardboard tabs.
  • Position the new filter bag in place: With the outer permanent bag open, rest the cardboard faceplate base against the top adapter bottom tab.
  • Secure the filter bag in place: Pivot the cardboard faceplate upward so it lies against the flat surface located on the top adapter. Bend the cardboard tabs located at the top of the vacuum faceplate so they are secured onto the top holders positioned at the top adapter.
  • Fasten the outer permanent bag closed: Insert the top adapter and the new vacuum disposable filter bag into the outer permanent bag. Fasten the vacuum zipper closed to hold the filter bag and top adapter of the vacuum cleaner in place.
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