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Get Decals and Accessories for Kirby Morgan Helmets

Kirby Morgan helmets are a staple of the diving industry. The invention of the neck dam made it possible for the company to usher in an era of lightweight, safe diving systems and helmets. If you are searching for Kirby Morgan helmet parts on eBay, knowing what options are available can help you narrow your results.

What kinds of diving accessories are available?

eBay offers a variety of accessories and parts that you can pair with a compatible diver's mask. If you already own a face mask and want to acquire parts for it, some items you can find on eBay include:

  • Connectors: You can find original connector pins that are compatible with models such as the SL 17 or EXO 26.
  • Buckles: Many of the buckles on your mask use washers or fittings to adhere to the base unit. In some cases, the fittings create the watertight seal.
  • Stickers: You can get stickers or decals, like the MOD-1, to put on your diving helmet or diving equipment. These stickers sometimes feature images of existing headgear, such as the Superlite models or the KM-97.
How can you attach Kirby Morgan patches to your gear?

If you've found some Kirby Morgan patches or stickers that you would like to attach to your existing gear, you can use some of the tips below as a general guide. Note that while stickers should have enough adhesive to stick to your equipment, you can use other methods to attach one to your item permanently.

  • Clean it: If you are placing a sticker or patch on clothing, it's a good idea to wash, dry, and iron the garment first. This step can prevent the sticker or decal from shrinking with subsequent washes.
  • Thread it: You can thread a needle and use it to attach patches to your clothing.
  • Tape it: If you do not wish to use thread, you can affix your sticker to clothing or gear using adhesive fabric tape for a better grip.
Can you purchase used items?

Some Kirby Morgan stickers or decals may be refurbished and sold for inexpensive prices as used or pre-owned items. In many cases, these Kirby Morgan stickers are still new, but they do not have the original packaging to qualify as brand-new.

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