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Frequently Asked Questions About Kensington Wireless Computer Mice

Kensington Computer Products is a company that manufactures computer locks, mice, keyboards and other computer accessories. Using a wireless mouse allows you to control the cursor without having a cable connect to your laptop or desktop computer. A wireless computer mouse is powered by batteries and a transmitter.

What types of Kensington wireless mice are available?
  • Optical: This type uses infrared sensors to communicate the location of the mouse. The bottom of the wireless mouse will have a red or blue light when it is turned upside down.
  • RF Frequency: This style will use RF signals to transmit the mouse's movements. An RF receiver is connected to the computer to receive and decode the signal.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth devices use the 2.4 gHz frequency that is used to connect mice, keyboards, and other electronic devices. Some computers will have Bluetooth built in while others can add a Bluetooth receiver.
  • USB: This style has a USB transmitter that sends and decodes the signal.
What are some features of a Kensington gaming mouse?
  • DPI: DPI adjustments allow you to change the sensitivity of your mouse. A gaming mouse will have a range of DPI settings built in where you can change it by pressing a button or through the software.
  • Programmable buttons: Many gaming mice have additional buttons that can be programmed to function as keyboard keys, such as the numbers. Some mouse models will let you program a macro which will execute a series of keyboard strokes.
  • Acceleration: This feature of a gaming mouse adjusts how quickly the mouse cursor will move on the screen. Buttons on the mouse can adjust this feature, as can the included software.
  • Adjustable weight: Some gaming mice will have a package of weights that can be added and inserted into the device to customize the weight of the mice to a user’s taste.
  • Sensors: Many gaming models will use laser sensors for tracking the mouse's movement.
What is a trackball?

A trackball works much like a standard mouse. Instead of sensors to move the cursor, A ball sits in a socket on top of the device and is rolled by using your thumb or index finger. Wireless trackball mice will typically use a USB receiver to transmit the trackball movements and will typically have four or more buttons. Some also have an ergonomic grip or a scroll wheel.

How do you select a Kensington wireless mouse?
  • Choose an interface: The brand and model of your computer will determine which interface options will work with your device.
  • Select a color: You can choose from neutral colors that might match your computer, like black or gray, or choose from a rainbow of shades such as green, red, or pink.
  • Choose a type: Some examples include gaming, mini, and trackball mice.
  • Select a tracking method: This selection will refer to the type of sensor used to transmit mouse movement.
  • Choose a grip: While most wireless mice have the standard dome-like grip, some wireless mice have an ergonomic grip to help keep you comfortable when using it for long periods.
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