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Kaeser Air Compressors & Blowers

Learn More About Kaeser Compressors, Blowers, and Rotary Air Systems

Kaeser rotary screw compressors use positive displacement to pressurize air. The internal rotor spins as two drill-like screws to generator pressure that can then be extracted. New and pre-owned Kaeser compressors, blowers, and rotary air systems are important for this reason, and they can be found for great prices on eBay.

Does each compressor have a safety valve?

Safety is an important reason for the design of modern air compressors, which is why they include a safety valve. A safety valve has two components. Some safety valves operate as a bleed valve. This opening will only release pressure if too much is generated within a tank or between the Kaeser rotor and its output. These components also work manually by being pressed or by shutting off the device. Such measures ensure that the air you use is manageable and that it only exerts at the level you need for working with.

What powers an air compressor?

Gasoline and electricity can power your air compressors. Both require some time for the engine and air to build up. The power source you choose is dependent on your work environment. Gas-powered machines are helpful no matter what the conditions for a power supply are. Here are some components that are powered when air compressors are in operation:

  • Internal engine: This casing uses two rotary screws as an engine that pressures air between its grooves. The rotors grinding against each other is what generates pressure within the air you use.
  • Exit valve: This is where air exits the device to then enter a tank for filtering and temporary storage.
  • Intake valve: This valve is used to suck in more air as the pressured air you use dissipates. The use of air is maintained by ensuring a consistent supply.
Is there something to regulate air pressure?

There are many parts to the efficient Kaeser compressors that manage air flow. The regulator is often found right where the air has exited for use. This enables the rotary to go through all of its cycles for compressing air. The work it does will then be adjusted to ensure that all of the right levels are met before pressure is released. Safety valves, intake valves, and exit valves are also helpful for managing air pressure.

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