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Jonsered Chainsaws

Chainsaws can make quick work of cutting logs, branches, and trees. Jonsered manufactures a variety of chainsaws, both for residential and commercial use. You can consider what type of activities you plan on undertaking when selecting a Jonsered chainsaw.

What are some ways to differentiate chainsaws?
  • Length of the guide bar: The guide bar is a part that holds the chain during cutting and its length is an important feature to consider. A longer guide bar will enable you to cut larger trees. Remember, however, that larger guide bars are heavier. Guide bars generally come in lengths of 14 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, and 20 feet. The chainsaws with shorter guide bars weigh around 10 pounds, and the chainsaws with longer bars can weigh up to 13 pounds.
  • Gas or electric power: Jonsered electric chainsaws are either battery-driven or corded. Those that are battery-driven come with rechargeable batteries. Electric chainsaws are lighter than their gas counterparts and do not give off emissions. Gas chainsaw options are often heavier and more powerful.
What are some of the safety features of Jonsered chainsaws?

Jonsered Chainsaws have been made with several mechanisms to help with user safety. These include:

  • Throttle lock: This prevents the throttle from being accidentally engaged.
  • Rubber to reduce vibrations: Dealing with vibrations can cause fatigue to set in, which could lead to more unsafe operation. If those vibrations are reduced, you can use a chainsaw more safely and for a greater amount of time.
  • Chain catcher: This device can prevent the chain from flying backward and injuring the operator.
  • Chain brake: The brake can either triggered by the motion of the saw during kickback or if the left wrist strikes the kickback guard. The chain brake can stop the chain in less than a second.
  • Front hand guards: This is a protective piece that protects your fingers if the chain breaks or jumps off.
What different types of Jonsered chainsaws are available?
  • Electric: Jonsered electric chainsaw engines include the CS 2121 EL, which runs on 230 V and has 2kW of power, and the CS 2117 EL, which runs on 230 V and has 1.7kW of power.
  • Gas: Designed for professionals and homeowners, Jonsered gas chainsaws range from the CS 2188, which has a cylinder displacement of 87.9 cm³ and 4.8kW of power, to the CS 2252, which has a cylinder displacement of 50.1 cm³ and 2.5kW of power.
  • Pole: Mostly used for pruning taller branches, Jonsered chainsaws offer flexibility and greater reach. They can be used to cut branches of up to 7 inches in diameter.
  • Top handle: Designed for elevated wood cutting, top-handle Jonsered chainsaws are meant for awkward positions because they are light and powerful.
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