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How to Choose the Right JVC CRT Television for Your Needs

Open a window into another world with an old-style CRT TV set in your home. Whether you wish to provide low-cost television watching for the masses, such as at a hospital, caravan, or nursery, or are an avid video game player who covets the CRT TVs viewing angle and zero image lag for your games, theres certain to be a television that meets your needs.

Which Types of CRT Televisions Are There?

CRT TVs use a cathode ray tube, or CRT. This is a funnel-shaped vacuum tube that projects electron beams from an electron gun onto a screen, thus creating images. JVC televisions that use this technology are of two main types:

  • Television: This is the basic TV without any frills and minimal controls for volume, display brightness, and picture adjustment. It is easy to set up anywhere and operate.
  • TV-VCR Combo: Combining the features of a TV and a VCR, this type saves space with two devices only taking up room for one, and offers convenience. However, its performance is not as reliable as that of the basic television because a problem in one part of the combo usually affects the other part.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of TVs With CRT Technology?

Despite being technological relics, JVC TVs that use CRT technology do have some advantages over their counterparts in addition to the more obvious disadvantages.

  • Advantages of CRT: Since they use analog signals, they have a fast response time with almost next to nothing delay and minimal distortion when it comes to image display. Gamers value this as well as the deep black and high contrast ratio they achieve when compared to other types of display technologies. They offer consistent picture color and brightness on your monitor from any viewing angle because of the curved screen and are easier on your pocketbook than TVs that use other display technologies. Their build lasts and works well in most room and lighting conditions.
  • Disadvantages of CRT: Though you can get slimmer and widescreen options with contemporary models, many CRT TVs are bulky and heavy with a limited screen size. It is difficult to find TVs with larger screens because they consist of glass, which is expensive and more difficult to make. Additionally, some CRT monitors may cause a glare in brightly lit environments. They are also energy hogs with very high power consumption and thus create a lot of heat when operating.

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