Teclado ergonómico de computadora iluminada y teclados

Buying Ergonomic Illuminated Computer Keyboards and Keypads

You have the option to buy various keyboards for your gaming or business use, but some available models are illuminated keyboards and keypads. An illuminated ergonomic keyboard provides you with a body that lights up well as well as being easy to control while typing.

How Are the Lights Produced?

The backlit design on your mechanical keyboard should be reviewed appropriately. The keyboard should link to a USB-based power source. The energy produced will generate the backlit features on your keyboard.

The backlit keys will let you see what is on the keyboard membrane without forcing you to strain your eyes. You can find special features on these key switches:

  • Many Colors. Your keyboard might support multiple colors on its membrane. These colors will change based on what is happening in your game or other activity. Others might offer just one eye-soothing color like white or green.
  • Individual Switch Lights. The lights on your keyboards can work on specific keys. Sometimes you might find certain keys lighting up based on the actions you can partake in as you play your game. Your keyboard would have to utilize a built-in profile that lists information on the keys you are using.
  • Reflexive Lighting. Sometimes a light will go off on the keyboard when you make a keystroke. These lights confirm that you are entering the right keys.

What Are the Ergonomic Features?

You should also look at the ergonomic qualities that come with your keyboard. Several things can be noticed on your ergonomic keyboard:

  • Secure Padding. A padded wrist or palm rest surface may be found on the bottom of the keyboard. This allows for a rest for your wrist so you will stay comfortable and less likely to experience fatigue.
  • Gentle Curves. A gently-curved ergonomic keyboard will feature a body that naturally conforms to how your wrists and hands are positioned as you use a keyboard.
  • Mouse Pad. A separate mouse pad may go to the side of the ergonomic design. The pad gives you a position for the mouse that may be more conducive to your handling needs.

Don't Forget the Keys

Be aware of what you are getting out of the keys on your keyboard as well. You may find boards with hotkeys that are programmable to complete certain functions quickly. These include keys to open individual programs or to open the CD-ROM drive on a computer among other functions. Also, a number pad may be included on your board, but the pad should be split off well enough to be easy to reach. All the keys should make typing easy to do. Again, a USB source would be required for programming everything.

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