Owning Ice-Watch lets you quickly check the time when you dont have your phone handy. Designed by ICE, each watch comes with markings and numbers on the face and a strap that adjusts to fit your wrist. Knowing more about the different types of Ice-Watch will help you choose a good option.

What should you look for when picking an Ice-Watch?

When picking an Ice-Watch, there are certain things that you might want consider. Some of these factors are more important than others. The overall fit is far from the only thing youll want to look at when choosing an Ice-Watch.

  • Collection: Start with a look at the collection that interests you. The ICE line includes collections called Dune, 69, and Forever. Collection refers to the overall look or design of each watch.
  • Size: Though you can adjust the band on the watch to make it fit your wrist, Ice-Watch products come in different sizes, too. The extra-small size works on women with slender hands as well as children. Sizes go up from there and include both medium and large.
  • Color: These watch products come in a wide range of colors. You can pick one in black, white, blue, pink, orange, and even purple. ICE designs these timepieces to feature a face with contrasting shades too like black numbers on a white face. Others use bright shades of blue or white on a darker face.
  • Material: Many ICE products feature a silicone band with a dial and face made from other materials. Youll also find pieces that use materials like leather, metal, and cloth.
  • Age and gender: ICE also allows you to pick products designed for certain age ranges or genders. You can narrow down your search for juniors products or products for men or women.
Is an Ice-Watch waterproof?

An Ice-Watch is somewhat water-resistant. Some models have an ATM rating of up to 20 and are safe for wearing while swimming or bathing while others do not. Be sure to double-check the watch that you have chosen if having one that is waterproof is important to you.

What does ATM stand for?

ATM is a measurement used by watch manufacturers that refers to atmospheric pressure. A black watch with a 30 ATM rating will remain dry and keep working at a greater depth. When picking an Ice-Watch, this measurement also tells you how long you can wear one around water. You can actually snorkel while wearing some of these products.

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