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IZOD Clothing for Men

Founded in 1938 in New York City, IZOD is a men's clothing company. The label produces casual clothing, sportswear, shoes, and accessories for men. IZOD clothing for men is available in a range of colors, styles, and sizes.

What are the types of IZOD clothing for men?
  • Shirts: Polo shirts have a collar and three buttons to close the neckline. The brand's T-shirts are available in solid colors, stripes, and designs. The company also makes button-down shirts that button all the way from the neck to the bottom hem. They are available in solid colors, stripes, and plaid patterns.
  • Khaki and denim pants: Khaki pants are available in pleated or flat front. They are made in skinny, regular, or relaxed fits. Denim pants are typically made of 100% cotton denim. Some of the denim pants include up to 3% Spandex.
  • Loungewear: The brand's loungewear options include robes, pajama pants, lounge pants, and long-sleeve T-shirts.
  • Underwear: The underwear comes in brief, bikini brief, boxer brief, and boxer styles. These can be solid in color, plaid, or have different designs.
  • Outerwear: Jackets, vests, and coats are available.
How do you choose a men's shirt size?

The men's lounge shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts are available in sizes that range from Small to 3XL. The size Small fits a man with a 34-inch chest. For each 2-inch increase in chest size, go up one size of shirt. The long-sleeve button-down shirts are sized based on the neck width. To measure yourself, use a tailor's tape measure and measure around the fullest part of your neck, which is usually around the Adam's apple. The sizes are in increments of half inches. The shirts are offered in size 14- to 20-inch neck measurements. The regular sizing of shirts fits men who are 6 foot 2 inches tall or shorter. Men 6 foot 3 inches tall and taller fit into the label's big and tall sizes.

From what materials are IZOD clothing for men made?
  • 100% cotton and cotton blends: The company's underwear, T-shirts, and pajama pants are made of 100% cotton. The long-sleeve, button-down shirts may have rayon blended with cotton. The brand's khaki pants are made of a cotton-polyester blend. The denim pants can be made of either 100% cotton or cotton blended with Spandex.
  • Nylon and Spandex: Spandex and nylon are used in the waistline, thighs, and seat of the brand's stretch denim pants. Nylon is used in the waistline of lounge and pajama pants and sleeve cuffs.
  • Polyester and synthetics: 100% polyester and blends of polyester and fleece are used in the brand's sweatshirts and outerwear.