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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Hydro Flask produces vacuum-insulated water bottles that you can take along when you're hiking, exercising, picnicking, or doing just about anything. The plastic tops are BPA-free and phthalate-free and are made using 18/8 professional food-grade stainless steel, a high-quality metal that protects against flavor transfer. You can find new, used, preowned, and affordable Hydro Flask water bottles on eBay at a variety of prices.

What kind of water bottles does Hydro Flask carry?

Hydro Flask carries wide-mouth, standard-mouth, and narrow-mouth bottles, ranging in capacity from 12 ounces to 60 ounces. They're available on eBay in a variety of brilliant colors. Whether you're looking for a water bottle to take to the gym or the office, Hydro Flask has something that will suit your needs. Leak-proof and vacuum-insulated, every bottle features a no-sweat exterior. They also come with several different types of lids, such as:

  • Flip lid: This opens and closes in a snap, making drinking on the go easy.
  • Flex cap: This has stainless-steel pivots and a strap that flexes and twists. The caps are made with honeycomb insulation to insulate your hot and cool beverages even more.
  • Sports cap: This keeps your cold drinks cool and makes no whistling sound as you sip from it with one hand.
  • Straw lid: The straw provides an easy way for you to sip from your wide-mouth bottle with one hand. The rubber straw provides fast flow to your mouth, and the cap has a finger loop for comfortable carrying.
Are these water bottles insulated?

Hydro Flask bottles are vacuum-insulated and keep cold liquids cool for up to 24 hours and hot liquids warm for up to six hours. They have Temp-Shield double-wall insulation that protects any liquid inside the water bottle from outside elements. If you put ice in the flask, it will remain intact for many hours, and carbonated beverages stay bubbly.

What colors and designs are available on eBay?

There are more than 180,000 Hydro Flask combinations you can choose from. Following some guidelines can help you customize your water bottle from the many options available.

  • Range of sizes: You can find bottles that hold 12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40, or 60 ounces.
  • Drinking mouth sizes: Narrow-mouth, wide-mouth, and standard-mouth are all options.
  • Lid styles: Flex cap or hydro flip are the options for lids.
  • Bottle colors: There are 14 colors that range from icy cool tones to piping hot hues.
  • Boot colors: There are 15 colors are available.

Besides selecting from the above options, you can also choose to buy a Hydro Flask bottle that is new or used. As the used bottles are slightly less expensive, you can save money if you need to buy these water bottles in bulk. Some Hydro Flask water bottles also come with extra accessories like silicone sleeves.

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