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Humanscale Computer Monitor Mounts and Stands

Ergonomically, it is important that your computer screen be at a comfortable height and angle. This also makes the best use of your available desk and office space. Humanscale is a popular manufacturer of the mounts and stands that can make this possible.

Are there stands that support multiple monitors?

Yes. If you use more than one computer monitor, then you can get a monitor stand that is specially made to hold all of them. It is generally not easy to find a single stand that can hold more than four monitors, but you can then combine multiple stands to get what you need. You can position them independently so that they are comfortable and convenient for your use. Whether you are using them for gaming, work, a hobby, or some other purpose, securing all of your monitors in one mount protects them and gives you more control over your workspace.

What is V.E.S.A.?

V.E.S.A. is the Video Electronics Standards Association. They have defined a set of joining and connecting standards among many larger monitors and TVs. Specifically, V.E.S.A.'s Mounting Interface Standard defines the size and location of the screws on the back of the monitor that connect it to a mount. Nearly all monitors and mounts have a MIS specification that you can match to the corresponding part so that they will work together. Smaller monitors and thinner models may not have a V.E.S.A. designation.

How does a Humanscale monitor stand attach to my desk?

It depends on the type. Many use a clamp that will connect to the back or the side edge. Some of the heavy models can stand directly on the desk surface without overbalancing. Anything with more than one monitor will likely need a clamp to ensure that it will stay up. Units that attach to the wall usually screw in and need to be placed over a stud so they do not fall off.

How adjustable is a monitor stand from Humanscale?

Any stand will have at least one adjustable joint, and usually at least two. One will be right at the end so you can change the angle of the screen and the other will be about halfway down the length of the support arm. Multiple computer monitors means separate, independent articulation and adjustment within each arm. More joints translates to finer control as well as more length to work with.

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