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Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights

Upgrade the assemblies for your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights, change the bulb, or explore new lighting types, such as LED. Compatible headlights let you customize your Chevrolet Cavalier front end to your needs, requirements, and sensibilities. You can find replacement or upgrade headlights for nearly any year of Chevrolet Cavalier.

Are headlights with high amounts of watts brighter?

Watts are a measure of how much energy a particular bulb consumes when its on. Your car headlights are rated to be compatible with bulbs that consume a range of watts. Power consumption does not, however, indicate potential brightness levels.

To gauge brightness levels of headlights youre thinking of purchasing, consider the listed amounts of lumens. Lumens denote amounts of light emitted per second. The range of lumen levels for headlights is quite vast, spanning several thousand to several hundred thousand. Extremely bright lights come in handy for high beams, whereas moderately bright lights are better suited to low beams, daytime driving lights, and taillights.

Which car headlight bulb emits the most lumens?

Different car headlight bulb types produce light uniquely, emitting more or less lumens per watt. For example, Light-Emitting Diode, or LED, is known for emitting the most lumens per watt. This simply makes LED energy efficient, not necessarily brighter. Other available types of bulbs associated with headlights include:

  • Halogen: Incandescent lighting.
  • Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFL): Ionized mercury vapor reacts with a phosphor coating inside a glass tube.
  • Xenon: Electric arc bulb containing xenon gas.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID): Similar to xenon, but may contain mercury vapors instead of xenon.
Are these Chevrolet Cavalier headlights original?

Original Cavalier headlights are designed to be compatible according to your specific model year. Other types of Cavalier headlights fall into the brand categories of aftermarket branded. Aftermarket parts include custom headlight assemblies not sourced directly from Chevrolet and may fit a range of different vehicles.

Are the bulb sizes similar for sedan and coupe?

It depends on the year. Each year, car manufacturers may alter the compatible bulb size for the headlight assemblies. Youll find the correct Chevrolet Cavalier bulb size information in your owners manual. In most years, both the Cavalier sedan and coupe headlight assemblies support a 9004 bulb. This is a dual-filament bulb, letting both the sedan and the coupe utilize a single bulb for high and low beams. The number "9004" also indicates the shape of the bulbs base, which fits into a particular socket. The 9004 bulb can also be found as an LED, halogen, and xenon HID, which you can take advantage of via a conversion kit.