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Home Garden Tools

There are certain tools you need to have when cultivating your garden. These items will help you care for the vegetables, herbs, and fruits in your nursery. Using these tools can make your work more productive and a lot less tedious.

Which tools are used to dig out dirt?

There are several tools can be used to dig out dirt. These include:

  • Shovels - Shovels come in a variety of styles and designs. A common type has a blade like a spade. If the tips are pointed, you will find it a lot easier to dig out dirt.
  • Trowels - These tools are also used to dig out dirt. They look like the miniature hand-held shovels that most people use to take care of their kitchenettes. They are used to dig small holes for the seeds and seedlings.
What is the difference between a dibber and a trowel?

A garden dibber is a sharp metal stake that is used to make holes of exact sizes. The holes made have specific depths and widths. The dibber can only be used to dig holes for seeds. On the other hand, a trowel is used dig holes for both seeds and seedlings. When buying one of these tools, keep in mind the items you want to grow in your space and purchase accordingly.

What is a garden hoe?

This soil-turning tool has been used for a very long time in gardening and is a versatile garden tool. Hoes come in different shapes and sizes. A common shape is the rectangular hoe.

Some types of hoes include:

  • Warren hoes
  • Action hoes
  • Weeding hoes

The functions of garden hoes include:

  • Breaking up the dirt
  • Removing weeds
  • Preparing the garden
What are cultivators?

Cultivators look almost like rakes. They are usually designed to be hand-held. This tool is used to prepare the soil for planting. It is also used to turn the soil before anything is grown. This activity helps ensure that air and nutrients get into the ground. It also ensures that water penetrates the soil better.

How do pruners function?

These are an essential tool to gardeners. Plants and flowers will occasionally need to be pruned for better growth and health. There are two types:

  • Anvil pruners - These have sharp blades that cut against the flat surface. They are normally used to prune wood branches and the stronger parts of the stem.
  • Bypass pruners - These are more like scissors. They are commonly used on young and delicate plants. The tools have curved blades that make very clear cuts without harming the sensitive tissues.