What to Know About Hammarlund Receivers

Hammerlund radio receivers were manufactured from 1910 until 1973. These receivers let you receive short-wave and ham radio signals. These receivers can be modified with various audio equipment as well as external antennas, and many affordable options can be found on eBay.

What kind of products did Hammerlund produce?

The Hammarlund Manufacturing Company manufactured a number of shortwave radio receivers as well as transmitters and other auxiliary radio equipment. The shortwave radios came in a number of models that could receive a range of frequency signals. In addition to these products, Hammerlund also produced a number of "village radios" for use in developing and third-world countries.

Do the receivers require any extra equipment?

A Hammarlund receiver may require an auxiliary antenna in order to receive weaker radio signals. These antennas can be attached through the input ports located behind the receiver. All receivers will also require a power source, usually an AC 110-volt plug outlet. In most Hammerlund units, the receiver will come with a 110-V plug. Certain units may be incomplete and require specific parts in order to operate normally. Additionally, you may also need to get the manual separately which may not be included with the hardware unit. Check on eBay for these Hammarlund needs.

What are the frequency ranges of the Super Pro Receivers?

The Super Pro series included three lines: the SP-200, SP-400, and the SP-600. Each of these receivers have their own unique frequency range. The frequency range allows you to receive signals that are transmitted within that range. Below is the detailed frequency range of each model receiver.

  • SP-200 series: Covers 0.1 to 40 MHz range in 5 bands
  • SP-400-X: Covers .54 to 30 MHz
  • SP-400-SX: Covers 1.25 to 40 MHz
  • The SP-600 Super Pro includes 11 models: Covers a variety of ranges from 540 kHz to 54 MHz
What signals can the receiver capture?

Hammerlund receivers can receive any number of shortwave, commercial, police, air traffic, and emergency signals within a specific frequency bands. Other factors may play a role in the ability for the receiver to pick up a signal. These factors include the version and the condition of the recover, the atmospheric conditions, and the reception power of the antenna. Some receivers are able to enhance their reception ability with the addition of a more power antenna and other equipment. Each specific receiver model will have a set frequency range of signals that it can receive. It is recommended that you check the recover model to know the frequency range of the product.

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