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HP Windows XP PC Laptops & Netbooks

Which PC Laptop or Netbook is Right for Me? 

Growing up with computers, theres a good chance youre at least familiar with the Windows operating system. Youve probably written a few school papers on Microsoft programs. You know what kind Windows HP notebook you like working with. But there are a few tricks about working with Windows XP that you might need to know. 

How Do I Install Windows XP on my Laptop or PC?

When you first open your Windows laptop, it should come with a Windows XP installation disc. 

  • Insert your installation disc into the CD or DVD drive on your notebook or PC. 
  • Working with a notebook laptop, the drive should be located on the side.
  • Working with a desktop PC, the CD drive is typically located on your tower. 
  • Once youve inserted your XP installation disc, the Windows XP program should appear. 
  • Follow the directions on your laptop screen to fully install Windows XP. 
  • Your XP operating system shouldnt take up too much GB on your computer. Programs like Microsoft office might take up space, but they are essential to your computers system. 

How Do I Reformat My HP Windows XP Laptop?

Having problems with your HP Windows XP notebook? Reformating the drive might solve your problem but it should be considered a last resort. 

  • Back up your data onto an external hard drive. Make sure the hard-drive has enough memory, or GB, to store everything you need.
  • Connect your computer to a power system. Dont reformat a computer by battery power alone. 
  • Close all of your programs.
  • Click Start, then All Programs. 
  • Select System Recovery, then PC Recovery. 
  • The computer will restart. Once its restarted, click OK when the Welcome to PC Recovery message displays. 
  • On the System Recovery panel, click System Recovery. This will start a complete reformatting of your computer, and destroy all data.
  • When youre prompted, restart the computer.
  • You should then go through the set of Windows XP recovery discs. 

How Do I Restore My HP Windows XP Laptop to Factory Settings?

Trying to sell your HP laptop or are just giving it to a friend? Youll probably want to restore your laptop to factory settings. 

  • Again, back up all of your data onto an external hard drive with enough memory. 
  • Turn off your computer then turn it on again. Immediately press the F11 key. 
  • A black screen should appear after a short delay and ask you which operation you would like to perform. Press the F key to begin the factory reset. 
  • When the reformatting is complete and the operating system is reinstalled, then your computer should be back to factory settings. 

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