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HP Windows 10 PC Laptops & Netbooks

How to Choose Windows 10 PC Laptops and Netbooks

Shopping for a laptop or netbook that runs the Windows 10 operating system requires that you weigh numerous considerations, such as what youll be using the device for, how much power and memory you need, and which features are the most important to you.

What Are Some Laptop Features?

There is a host of features to examine when you select a PC laptop or a netbook for work, school, or entertainment use, so consider some of these appealing perks as you search for the right device.

  • Power is essential, and when you pick a netbook thats running an Intel processor, you are able to multitask with ease and enjoy an extended battery life and a faster, smoother overall performance. There are different processor types ranging from the Intel Core series to the Intel Atom models in a variety of generations.
  • A built-in camera allows you to video chat with family and friends who are far away or get in on a video conference call even when youre not at your desk. You can snap and edit photos as well. 
  • Bluetooth functionality means you can sync wireless functions with your Windows 10 laptop, making it even more portable and convenient to take on the go.

What Types of Laptops Are There?

Most people usually imagine a portable computer in their minds eye when they hear the word "laptop;" however, there are a few distinct types of these convenient computers to consider as you shop for a new machine. 

  • A laptop or notebook computer is the largest model with the biggest HD screen size. These usually have a screen display that measures anywhere from 15 to 17 inches.
  • A netbook is a model thats under 14 inches and is much smaller than a laptop. These HP Mini machines can slip into a purse, briefcase, or backpack without difficulty, so you can access the Internet from anywhere without taking along a full-sized model.
  • A convertible model, also referred to as a 2-in-1, has features of both a laptop and a tablet combined into one unit. You can use this model as either device, giving you flexibility and versatility. 

What Are Some Models to Consider?

This brand offers a multitude of machine models for consideration, so here are a few to think about as you browse for a new machine. 

  • The Envy series has a few models to pick from that boast a considerable number of features, including the Microsoft Windows OS, a built-in hard drive, and memory of up to 12GB. Additionally, a quad-core processor gives you 2 GHz of power. 
  • Consider a machine from the Pavilion line of computers, with an HD (high-definition) touchscreen for sharp and detailed images, along with an Intel Core processor, Windows OS, and an extended battery life.
  • For a smaller-sized machine, consider the Mini 5101 netbook. Equipped with the Windows 10 operating system, 1GB of RAM memory, and a hard drive, this sleek HP Mini is small but powerful. 

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