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HP Ultrabook

The HP Ultrabook line is a brand of mobile workstations and digital notebooks. These computers come with a variety of different features. Comparing and contrasting processor speed, battery life, and memory capacity may seem overwhelming, but you can break the process into manageable chunks by identifying your needs.

Which features vary among different HP Ultrabooks?

These computers all have a compact and lightweight design. However, different models are built with different processors and USB capabilities.

  • Processor type: Some laptops have a 3rd or 4th generation Intel Core processor. Others have a 7th or 8th i7 generation. Advanced processors can run more applications at higher speeds. Speeds range from less than 1.00 GHz to 4.00 or more GHz.
  • USB capabilities: The number of USB ports varies from laptop to laptop. You might consider a system with multiple ports if you want to charge your devices from your computer while plugging in flash drives.
  • Memory: Laptops are available with memories of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or higher. Devices with larger memories have increased space for content storage.
How can you choose a specific laptop?

To decide which line you want to purchase, you need to assess your own needs.

  • Memory space: A computer with a high memory capacity can store more information. You should assess the amount of memory you need.
  • Speed: Late generation hard drives function at higher speeds than earlier generations. The necessary speed of your connection will affect your computer requirements.
  • Computer weight: All of the computers in this line are designed to be lightweight and portable, but the weights vary by model. If portability is a necessary factor in your use, then you will need to compare the weights and dimensions of the products.
How are mobile workstations and digital notebooks different?

A digital notebook is a multi-purpose piece of technology, while a workstation is designed for use in the workplace.

  • Displays: Digital notebooks have more high definition display options than workstations, but workstations have a higher capacity to handle intense graphics applications.
  • Performance: Digital notebooks run multiple applications in a multitasking format, while workstations run more in-depth applications.
  • Durability: Digital notebooks have a durable exterior design. Mobile workstations have internal strength in supporting independent software applications.
What is the battery life of an HP Ultrabook?

Battery life will vary depending on the way the computer is being used. The battery is designed to last for almost 8 hours, although it will drain faster if you run processing-heavy applications and projects.

Will these computers run outside applications?

Third-party applications can be installed and run on these systems, which is helpful if you have a graphic design or other creative projects to work on. More powerful processing systems can run several applications and tasks at once. The machines also give you access to the information you have stored on the Cloud and in your online document archives.