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HP Laptops and Netbooks

Work on Your Projects With Ease Using HP Laptops and Netbooks

When you need to work on projects on the go, you can emphasize portability and choose a laptop that rivals powerful desktop computers with HP laptops and netbooks. You can complete all your work and also have the ability to enjoy games with 3D graphics or process demanding presentations.

How do you choose a laptop or netbook from HP?

Start with portability and work from there to determine your needs. You can then choose a specific new, used, or preowned laptop computer from HP that meets those requirements.

  • Size: Determine the weight and physical footprint youll need. HP has laptops and netbooks in a variety of sizes, including 14 inches, 15.6 inches, and 17 inches.
  • Display: Select the proper display size allowed by that form factor.
  • Internal components: Pick a processor, memory arrangement, and hard drive within your budget. You can choose from 2 to more than 16 GB of memory.
  • Graphics: Opt for a dedicated graphics processor if youll play 3D games.

 What is the difference between a laptop and a netbook?

These laptops and laptop-like devices designed and manufactured by HP are intended for many purposes. Portability is usually a key point of emphasis. Some differences between laptops and netbooks are as follows:

  • Laptops: These are devices that are mobile enough to take to work, aboard a plane, to school, or on vacation. Laptops can also compete with desktop computers in terms of raw power, and many users opt for a system that serves them both at home and on the go. The options that HP offers users in this segment include laptops, netbooks, and laptop-tablet hybrids.
  • Netbooks: Netbook computers can vary greatly. In designing them, theres always a balancing act for HP between a machines capabilities and its weight and physical footprint. With netbooks, the focus is clear: portability, internet access, and word processing. Netbook screens are generally smaller, too, because the device isnt expected to be your primary system.

What are some models of HP laptops and netbooks?

HP manufactures a number of different models of laptops and netbooks. Some models may include:

  • Ultrabook: An Ultrabook is a specification from Intel for a business computer thats lightweight but also high-end. The goal of the specification is to get as close as possible to a netbook while still having a fast Intel processor with multiple cores.
  • Probook: With the ProBook, the focus is on business laptops that are powerful and take full advantage of Windows 10.
  • Elitebook: An Elitebook is a powerful laptop that is sturdy and lightweight. Some models may come with additional security features and an HD built-in webcam.

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