Glass Cabinets and Cupboards

Glass cabinets are available in a wide variety of designs, constructions, and sizes. Different materials are utilized in the construction of such pieces. Cleaning these pieces regularly allows them to show as well as possible.

What types of glass cabinets and cupboards are available?

There are different types of cabinets and cupboards, including curio, display, china, storage, corner, hutches, tail pieces, hanging pieces, and medicine cabinets. Each type serves a slightly different purpose.

  • Curio cabinets are typically used to display different knick-knacks, such as ceramic figurines, collectible plates, china, and crystals.
  • Display cabinets have a slightly broader function and can be used to showcase any type of collectible item.
  • China cabinets have places specifically for dishes, bowls, and teacups of ornate patterns.
  • Storage cabinets, as their name implies, are primarily used to store items and might feature cubicles for storage boxes.
  • Corner cabinets are generally built in the shape of a right triangle to fit as neatly as possible in a corner space.
  • Hutches are usually cabinets that are used for displaying or storing items, and they can be located anywhere in the home.
  • Medicine cabinets are traditionally mounted or stood in the bathroom for toiletry storage and sometimes feature mirrored fronts.
What styles are available?

Cupboards come in traditional, contemporary, Asian, transitional, French country, and cottage decorating styles. Depending on the look of the other materials involved in the construction of the piece, the piece can take on one of many styles, or a combination. For instance, a cabinet with a glass front and squared edges painted an opaque white could be considered a country piece, while the same piece decorated with black and white crackle paint and mismatched drawer pulls might be considered contemporary. They can look good in a variety of light configurations.

What materials are used to make glass cabinets and cupboards?

Wood is commonly used as an anchoring element in cabinets, although some also utilize different types of metal or synthetic blends. A room like a kitchen can benefit with kitchen cabinets with glass doors or glass shelves. A glass door or shelf provides a window into an otherwise unseen area. A glass Pine and oak are common choices for types of furniture wood, they and can be sanded, stained, or painted in a wide variety of colors to achieve different effects. Different thicknesses and colors of glass may be used in these pieces as well.

What glass cabinet and cupboard care tips can you offer?

Newspaper and glass cleaners can be used to polish glass until it is fingerprint, mark, and streak-free. Any wood can be polished regularly to maintain shine and to decrease the probability of being stained or marked. Dusting furniture every so often helps to eliminate extra dirt and debris that can damage pieces over time. The cleaning time needed for a piece will depend on its size.