Choosing the Right Generation 3 Night Vision Optics

When shopping for night vision devices, you'll notice that many of the goggles, scopes, and monoculars belong to a "generation." The different generations, which range from Gen 1 to Gen 3, offer different technologies and performance levels. Night vision Gen 3 devices provide users with military-grade performance, and they're equipped with technologies that ensure crisp, high-resolution images; you can wide an assortment of new and used Generation 3 night vision optics at affordable prices on eBay.

Features of night vision Gen 3 devices

Different night-vision goggles are best for different purposes. When shopping for Gen 3 night vision devices, you should consider the benefits of some of the following features:

  • Infrared light: Gen 3 devices use infrared light to increase visibility at longer distances. Commonly available infrared wavelengths range from 450nm to 850nm, with the higher wavelengths providing the greatest visibility.
  • Improved resolution: This generation of night vision goggles achieves clean, bright images thanks to image intensifier tubes.
  • Passive operation abilities: Many Gen 3 devices can be used for passive, covert operation, as they're capable of producing high-quality images without IR illumination.
  • Life expectancy: Many Gen 3 devices have a life expectancy of 10,000+ hours.
Are there different quality levels within Gen 3 equipment?

While Gen 3 equipment will offer users superior image quality to Gen 1 and Gen 2 equipment, not all Gen 3 devices are created equally. There are several quality levels within the broader Gen 3 category, such as the following:

  • Gen 3: Standard Gen 3 equipment provide high-quality images and long-term performance.
  • Gen 3 with autogated image intensifier tubes: All Gen 3 devices have image intensifier tubes. To increase the performance of these tubes, military-grade devices use autogating, an electronic feature capable of automatically optimizing image contrast. When devices are equipped with autogated tubes, they deliver high-quality images in changeable lighting conditions, which can be caused by explosions or flashing lights.
What types of devices are available?

If you want to buy a night vision Gen 3 device, you can choose from options like the following:

  • Night vision binoculars
  • Night vision monoculars
  • Night vision goggles
  • Night vision riflescope