Tablero de juego de la vida y juegos tradicionales

Game of Life Board and Traditional Games

The Life board game, by Hasbro, mimics an individual's major developmental events in life. These include college, marriage, kids, and vocation. It is usually played with two to six players, but there are also ways to accommodate as many as 8 to 10 players.

How do you play The Game of Life board game?

This is a linear-style board game, and the action centers around spinning a wheel and landing on spaces using a car that travels a given path on the board. Choices, strategy, and luck combine to influence the final outcome as you go from young adulthood to retirement. The goal is to have the most assets at the game's completion. You gain assets by working and collecting tokens. The first player to finish the course is rewarded with extra tokens. It takes approximately 60 minutes to play.

Are there variations on the classic Life game?

The original board game has inspired many variations. These include many themed versions, such as The Wizard of Oz Collector Edition, as well as the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Simpsons editions. There is also the Despicable Me Minion version, the Bible version board game, and The Electronic Banking version. There are adult spin-offs of the game, too, such as Never Have I Ever: The Adult Card Game of Poor Life Decisions and the Adults Only 18+ Life/Game of Truth.

Are all the versions of a particular contest the same?

For the Game of Life board and traditional games, the premise remains the same across the variations of the game, but the rules are refined and dollar denominations change in scope.

What different versions of The Game of Life exist?

The Game of Life was copyrighted in 1963. The first version had the game ending with a choice of moving into "Millionaire Acres" or trying to become a "Millionaire Tycoon." The $100,000 bills featured a likeness of Art Linkletter.

About halfway through the lifetime of the 1970/1980s version, the dollar values doubled. Whereas the earlier version had convertibles as playing pieces, the later version featured minivans. The convertibles were a part of the game until 1978.

In 1991, The Game of Life was updated to reward players for good behavior, such as helping the homeless or recycling trash.

Another addition was manufactured in 2005. This game made changes to reduce the element of chance. However, it is still based mainly on chance and still rewards players for taking risks.