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What Kinds of Cooktops Are There?

Cooking is a main task at home but in many offices, basic kitchen appliances must also be available to employees. It is important to have the right cooktop and sufficiency of appliances in the kitchen to make food preparation and servicing more efficient.

What Are Some Electric Cooktops?

  1. Electric Coil Cooktop. The surface is durable. You can use heavy scrubbers if needed. You can also use cast iron pans without worrying about damaging the cooktop. Clean-up is straightforward.
  2. Electric Smooth Top. The surface is straight glass and blends well into any type of kitchen set-up. Clean-up is easy since there are no crevices for oil and food to hide. Take care. Rough cookware and cleaning may scratch the glass.
  3. Induction Cooktop. This is a safe cooktop. The surface never gets hot as the heat concentration resides only on your pans. Induction uses electromagnetic heating technology that directly heats your magnetic pans. Clean-up is easy. Most models are energy efficient. Vario series by Gaggenau is one example of an induction cooktop. You need special cookware for this.

What Are Some Gas Cooktops?

  1. Gas Cooktop. This is an all-around cooktop. It uses any kind of cookware. It is also less costly since you use gas and not electricity. Areas prone to power outages will be better off with a gas cooktop.
  2. Downdraft Cooktop. This has an integrated ventilation system on the surface itself. This is good for kitchens with limited spaces. An electric model is also available.
  3. Modular Cooktop. This is customized. It offers a variety of facilities in one cooktop. You may have a grill, a gas burner, and an induction element on one cooktop. You may also have a deep fryer and a steamer module. Both gas and electric power may be required. Gaggenau sells modular units.

What Are Features to Consider in Buying a Cooktop?

  1. Control. Good cooktops multiple well-placed control buttons.
  2. Cooking Zone. Good cooktops have multiple sized cooking zones.
  3. Safety Features. A child-lock button is a necessary feature, especially for electric models. This prevents accidental operations. An automatic shut down is also desirable. Some units automatically turn off when the sensors don't pick-up any operational commands.
  4. Timer. A quick access to a built-in timer makes cooking convenient. Some pre-set controls also allow for timed cooking.