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GPX Portable AM/FM Radio

Choosing a Personal Portable Radio

Listening to your favorite radio stations while working out or on the go is easy with a GPX personal AM/FM radio. These radios are compact and can fit into your pocket, carry with you, or you can attach to your arm with a strap for hands-free use while exercising. 

What Models Can I Find?

You have a few different options when it comes to choosing a personal AM/FM radio from this brand and will be up to personal preference as to which is right for you. Some of the models are:

  • R300B Portable AM/FM Armband Radio: This armband radio neatly straps on to your upper arm and is ideal for running or other activities when having a radio in your pocket is just not convenient. There is an easy to read LCD display and is battery operated with two AAA batteries. Youll know when its time to replace the batteries as the display will start to dim and become hard to read. There is an AM/FM receiver with analog tuning function. With the super bass boost function, you can get great sound through your headphones whether you are listening to music or news. Youll find the adjustable black armband included. 
  • R116B: Portable AM/FM Radio: This is a compact and lightweight handheld radio that you can use to catch up on all your sports and news action while on the go. It has a telescopic FM antenna and built-in AM antenna with analog volume control and built-in speaker. The 3.5 mm headphone jack allows you to plug in your headphones and you can keep the device in your pocket or clip it onto your belt with the belt clip.
  • R602B Portable Radio: This portable clock radio has a digital clock and built-in handle for easy carrying. It runs on either AC power with the built-in AC power cable, or DC power using three C-size batteries. On battery power you can get up to 8 hours of audio time. There is a built-in stereo speaker plus an audio line input and headphone jack. 

Are There Any Models That Play CDs?

While the compact personal radios above do not play CDs, there are other products from GPX that do. Some of these are:

  • BC112B Top Loading CD Boombox: This boombox comes with a handle and allows you to play CDs as well as radio. There are 20 programmable memory presets and a LED display. You can use either AC power or DC power.
  • BC232R Sporty CD and Radio Boombox: This model comes in either red/black or blue/black and allows you to listen to CDs or FM radio. It has a top-load disc player with programmable tracks and has built-in stereo speakers. 

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